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My Galaxy Pockets Wallet FAQs

When the amount be debited?


The amount will be debited immediately.

What if I do not get any confirmation message from the operator on recharge?


Once the recharge request is completed, you will receive a confirmation message from the operator. In case of non-receipt of the confirmation message, please check the recharge limit of your Data Card. If the recharge does not happen, please contact your operator.

What if I select the wrong operator during Prepaid recharge?


Recharge request is taken on the basis of Mobile Number entered by you. Drop-down of Operator is provided for the purpose of your information about availability of the service. ICICI Bank will accept the request for processing.

Where will the OTP be sent?


OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number in your account.
We will be unable to provide the OTP through e-mail as the option is not available for security reasons.


If you have not received the OTP on your mobile number, the same can be pulled by sending an SMS IBOTP to 5676766 or 9837142424.


You can also avail the OTP by calling our Customer Care from your registered mobile number.
To know the local Customer Care numbers, please click here.

I didn’t receive any OTP, how do I create my account?


Kindly tap on “Resend OTP” button to re-initiate sending of the OTP to your mobile number.

Will I receive a confirmation for completion of top-up?


Once the recharge is completed, you will receive a confirmation message from the operator.

What is Mobile Recharge?


Mobile Recharge is a facility to recharge a prepaid mobile phone, you can use this service to increase talk-time (airtime) for any existing prepaid Mobile connection.

Click here to know more.

Do I have an option to block my wallet?


Yes, you can block your card temporarily or permanently by calling our Customer Care on 75698 67777

How Top-Up is different than Mobile Recharge through Recharge Codes?


Under Mobile top-up, you do not require to buy recharge codes of preset denominations. You can choose your own amount and submit your request online. No recharge code is released and airtime (talk-time) limit is increased automatically without any additional requirement.

I completed a transaction for paying my bill through My Galaxy Pockets Wallet, the amount got debited from my account but the transaction failed ?


In such a case your amount will be credited back to your account in 48 hours.

What will be the increase in talk-time limit?


On the basis of amount of transaction, every operator (as mentioned above) determines the talk-time limit and tops your mobile phone account accordingly. For exact information of talk-time increase, please get in touch with your mobile operator.

I already have a Pockets wallet. Do I need to register again?


No, in case you have an existing Pockets wallet, basis your mobile number we will link your existing Pockets wallet to My Galaxy.

I have erroneously entered a wrong mobile number. Can I stop the fund transfer?


No, once funds are sent to another wallet, it cannot be reversed. Please take maximum care while entering details while initiating a transaction.

What is My Galaxy Pockets wallet?


It is a VISA powered wallet that a customer of any bank can use to recharge mobile, send money, shop anywhere, pay bills. It can also be used for online ecommerce transactions by entering the wallet “card number” in the credit card checkout option on websites/apps across India.

I mistyped my OTP thrice. I am unable to create my account now?


We would allow OTP entry thrice, failing which you would need to re-enter your credentials to create the My Galaxy Pockets Wallet.

I forgot the MPIN. How can I reset it?


You can use the ‘Forgot MPIN’ option on the login screen.

I can see a card on my dashboard upon login, what is this card?


Your newly created My Galaxy Pockets Wallet relationship is displayed in the form of a digital card on your dashboard. This is a VISA powered 16 digit virtual card which can be used for payments within the app and also used for shopping at merchants.

How do I load money into my wallet for transactions?

  • Once you login to your wallet dashboard you can go to ‘Load Funds’ option on your Wallet dashboard and add funds through any bank Debit Card or Net-Banking.
  • You can also load money to your My Galaxy Pockets wallet using NEFT. Simply register the My Galaxy Pockets Wallet as a payee in your bank account using Net Banking by entering the 16 digit My Galaxy Pockets Wallet number and ICIC0001022 as the IFSC code and load the wallet using NEFT. 

Which are the billers for Pay Bills facility?


The billers that you can pay with this facility are

  1. Postpaid Mobile
  2. DTH
  3. Landline
  4. Electricity
  5. Gas

How do I register for My Galaxy Pockets Wallet

  • After launching My Galaxy on your Samsung Mobile, go to the top right corner and click on the ‘more menu’ and then tap on "Activate Wallet"
  • We will send you the One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile number entered. Post which you would need to confirm your Name, Mobile number, Gender, E-mail ID and Date of Birth.
  • Post successful verification, your wallet will be created and you will be asked to set a 4 digit MPIN for logging in to your My Galaxy Pockets Wallet.

Is OTP mandatory for creating an account?


Yes, OTP is a mandatory requirement. For security reasons, it is sent on your mobile number.

I get a VISA card right on confirming the details. How does this card work?


The card issued to you is a prepaid card which works under the Prepaid Payment Instruments guidelines of RBI which states that the card can be loaded up to a maximum limit of ₹10,000 in a month. Also, at any point of time the balance in the card should never be more than ₹10,000.

Do I have to add funds to My Galaxy Pockets Wallet Prepaid Card? Can I start using the card without adding any funds, similar to a credit card?


No, My Galaxy Pockets Wallet is a Prepaid Card. You would have to fund the card before using it for any transactions.

What is Share Funds? I have only heard of Fund transfer in banks.?


Share funds is similar to fund transfer where you can transfer funds from one My Galaxy Pockets Wallet to another “free of cost”.

What if the contact to which I have shared funds does not have a My Galaxy Pockets Wallet?


In this case the request will not be initiated and the amount will not be debited from your account.

Is there any limit on the amount of Prepaid Mobile recharge on My Galaxy Pockets Wallet?


Per day maximum transaction limit for Prepaid Mobile recharge is ₹750, irrespective of the mobile operators and the number of transactions. You can recharge the prepaid mobile for a minimum of ₹10.

What will happen if I enter incorrect mobile number while doing Mobile Recharge in Pockets?


Once the transaction is entered, ICICI Bank accepts the same for processing. If mobile number belongs to the list of operator as mentioned in the app the request will be processed and talk time will increase. However, if the number is invalid (for reasons as mentioned below NOTE), the amount will be refunded within 2 working days.

Is there any additional charge levied by the Bank/ Operator?


No, this facility is free of charge for its Customers.

What will happen if I enter incorrect consumer details on Pockets?


When you submit your (consumer) details, Pockets by ICICI Bank accepts them for processing. If they include details belonging to a valid biller amongst the list shared above, the bill will be presented. If they are invalid, however, your request will be rejected.

Where can I use Pockets card? Is it valid only on the app?


Pockets wallet comes with a 16 digit VISA pre-paid card which can be used for shopping online across websites in India along with the payment features built inside the app. You also have the option of getting a specially designed Pockets physical card that can be used at stores/outlets