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My Money FAQs

How to unsubscribe from My Money from ICICI Bank?


To unsubscribe from ICICI Bank My Money, login to Internet Banking > Exclusive Offerings > My Money > Customize (tab on the top right corner) > Cancel my ICICI Bank My Money account.

If you try to view the My Money page again after unsubscription, you will receive a pop-up confirming re-subscription of My Money facility on a chargeable basis, which confirm the unsubscription of the My Money facility.

What are the annual fees for My Money?


The charges reflecting in your statement as 'MM Annual Fee' is the My Money Annual Fee charges. 

A free trial period of 30 days for My Money is applicable for the first time user. When the free trial period expires, the annual charges of Rs. 300.00 plus 18.00% Goods and Service Tax will be applicable.

Further, you can view the detailed information of My Money on our website by clicking on 'Internet Banking' home page, click on 'Services Offered' from left vertical menu and then click on 'My Money'.

Can I un-subscribe from My Money from ICICI Bank?


A user can un-subscribe from My Money from ICICI Bank by clicking on the 'un-subscribe' link in the logged in section. Once un-subscribed from the service, no subscription fee will be debited post un-subscription date.

What doesn't My Money from ICICI Bank do?

  • Import transactions - When you add your bank accounts, we gather up to 90 days worth of your previous transactions from those accounts. You can't import any transactions previous to that date, and you can't enter them manually either. We will continue to download and keep your transactions as long as you maintain your subscription to My Money from ICICI Bank.
  • Subcategories - Some people really want to track things like Auto (Fuel), Auto (Repair), and Auto (Wash) as separate categories so that they can see those totals either separately or rolled up into the master category name (Auto). Again, this is a level of detail that My Money from ICICI Bank doesn't track. Our purpose is to give you a tool that is a convenient introduction to finance that helps save time and money.
  • Paying bills or transferring money - You can't use My Money from ICICI Bank to transmit funds from one place to another.
  • Writing cheques - You can't use My Money from ICICI Bank to write or print cheques. However, you can enter cheques you've written to see how they'll affect your balance once they clear.
  • Reconciling - Reconciling is useful for matching up your paper chequebook register with the transactions on your bank statement. With My Money from ICICI Bank, you're seeing the bank transactions right on the screen. To match up your receipts with the bank transactions.

How can I link My Money account?


To link an account, you can click the Link an Account option available in the header of My Money. You could find your bank, credit card, loan, investment, reward, and bill accounts by using a key word or popular account searches. You can then select and add the required accounts to ICICI Bank My Money.

What is My Money from ICICI Bank?


My Money from ICICI Bank is an on-line personal finance management solution which helps banking customers understand their spending habits and organize their finances by providing them with details of all their ICICI Bank & Non ICICI Bank accounts on a single platform. 

How do I unsubscribe from the service?


Following steps are to be followed on My money :

1. Click on 'Customize' tab on the top right corner.

2. Click on the 'Cancel my ICICI Bank My Money account'.

3.Once clicked on Cancel ICICI Bank My Money Acount, below confiramtion page is received and customer needs to click on confirm.

Do I need to pay extra to subscribe to My Money?


There is no change in subscription fees. Subscription fees would be INR 300 +GST. Existing customers on monthly charging would continue to pay INR 25+GST. 

Existing customers on annual charging would continue to get My Money service till the expiry of subscription.

What do I get with My Money from ICICI Bank?

  • A predictable financial future. You'll see a day by day   projection of your savings account balance after allowing for each bill to be paid, all the way to your next salary and beyond.
  • Alerts about balances, transactions, and bill reminders automatically delivered to your mobile phone or email.
  • Monthly budget goals for any or all of your categories.
  • Charts so you can understand your spending habits. For example, you can see how much you've spent dining out or at a particular restaurant no matter which account you used to pay for it.
  • Your spending automatically assigned to standard categories or to new categories you dream up. And you can train us how to categorise your way, so you'll have fewer and fewer adjustments to make as time goes by.
  • An easy method to record and keep track of what you buy with your cash.
  • Your choice of Windows and Macintosh browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.
  • The ability to download your transactions to a file. For example, if you want to create your own specialised charts and graphs, open the file in Microsoft Excel.

How does manual account option work?


When you create manual accounts, you need to manually add the transactions.

Can I view deleted accounts?


Accounts that are deleted cannot be accessed again. If required, they need to be linked again. In that case, it will still be treated as a new account and the historical information from the deleted account will not be made available.

How do my transactions get categorised?


We categorise transactions based on their payees. A payee is the description for a transaction. It could be:

  • The name of a store, utility, or person that you paid
  • The name of a business or person who paid you
  • A type of transaction, such as MONTHLY FEE
  • Just the word CHEQUE or DEPOSIT

The payees from your bank often have a lot of extra text at the end. Whenever possible, we'll suggest more intuitive names and categories for common payees.


Which accounts can be linked to My Money?


You may link different types of online accounts like Banking, Credit Card, Investments, Loans, Rewards, Insurance, Telephone, Bills, etc., if you have the internet credentials to log in to these sites.

How do I add categories on My money ?


Following steps are to be followed on My Money :

1. Click on 'Manage' tab on the header & click on 'Category' submenu

2. Go to category under which you wish to add categories.

3. Click on 'Manage categories'

4. Add desired category by typing the sub category name and clicking on 'Add'

Will my accounts get refreshed automatically?


Yes. The online accounts linked in My Money, which do not require any additional dynamic information for Multifactor Authentication (MFA), will get refreshed automatically on a regular basis. You need to refresh the MFA accounts manually, providing the required additional authentication.

How can I manage my bills?


You can add your online accounts with different billers. In the Bills Reminder page available under the Accounts tab, you can see all the upcoming bills in one place and you can even mark a bill as paid if it is done through check or in person.

How do I add accounts manually on My Money?


Following steps are to be followed on My Money :

1. Click on 'Link an Account' link on the top header on Dashboard page.

2. Click on 'Add a Manual Account'

3. Enter requisite details and click on 'Add'

What is the free trial period for My Money from ICICI Bank?


First time My Money from ICICI Bank subscribers get a free 30-day trial for My Money from ICICI Bank. During this period the customer can use all the services offered by My Money from ICICI Bank.

Can I file my taxes from My Money?


No. My Money can help you to estimate your taxable income and calculate the taxes on best efforts basis. There is no option to file the taxes.

How do I categorize my transactions on My money?


Following steps are to be followed on My Money :

1. Click on the 'Transactions' tab on the header

2. Go to transaction that needs to b categorized

3. Click on the Category of the transaction

4. Select desired category from the dropdown

What do I have to pay to avail of My Money from ICICI Bank services?


Post the free trial period, My Money from ICICI Bank subscription fee is Rs. 300 + Taxes, which will be debited annually from your account post the free trial.

How can I view transaction of any specific account?


You can view the transactions from the Transactions page. You can also view the transaction details from the Accounts page by clicking the Transactions tab that appears when you click the account in the Accounts page. You can choose the appropriate filter to view the transactions under a specific category or sub-categories under Expenses, Income and Transfers. You may also view the transactions for a specific period by choosing the required filter.

How do I add Institutions to my My Money account? Which all Financial institutions can be aggregated


Following steps are to be followed:
1. Click on 'Link an Account' link on the top header on Dashboard page.

2. Enter the name of Institution

3. Accept Terms & Conditions of the service

4. Enter credentials and click on 'Add'

You can add from over 200 institutions.

Why don't cheques get categorised?


You'll need to enter the payee and category on cheques that you've written by hand.

What should I do if I want to remove an account linked to My Money?


You can remove any account linked to My Money using the options available in the Edit tab that appears when you click the required account in the Accounts page. Under the Edit tab, there are options to hide, close or delete the account from My Money.

What do I do if a financial institution where I hold an account is not supported in My Money?


You can add a manual account by clicking the Add a manual account link in the flow invoked for linking an account.
You could also let us know so that the support can be built in the course of time. You may click the Email us link in the bottom of the page and provide the details regarding the required site that needs to be supported.

How can I receive notifications when the transactions are updated in my accounts?


To configure notification alert messages, you should click the Alerts option under the Manage tab. Alternatively, you can also access the Configure Alerts page from the Customize link available in the header. Email alerts will be sent to your designated email id.

How do I enable Auto categorization on My Money?


Following steps are to be followed on My Money :

1. Click on the 'Transactions' tab on the header

2. Go to 'Categorization Rules' at the bottom of the page

3. Click on 'Add rules' and fill requisite details

What are the key improvements over Money Manager?


"My Money from ICICI Bank" offers superior value proposition by providing the following features:

1. Revamped look and feel with better user interface.
2. Customizable Dashboard. So that users can choose dashboard widgets that suits their view on financial analysis.
3. Deeper financial analysis on Investments
4. Comprehensive aggregation capabilities where users can add over 200 institutions across Banks, Loans, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Credit Cards & Insurance
5. Newer categories like Reward point & Telephone Bill aggregation have been introduced
6. Greater options for Alerts/Reports that would be sent to users only to their registered e-mail.

7. More granular level of categorization. Users can categorize from over 110 categories.

When was My Money from ICICI Bank launched?


ICICI Bank has upgraded its earlier version of personal finance management tool 'Money Manager' to 'My Money from ICICI Bank' on 23rd Oct 2013.