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1. Will I be able to view my statements on the app?


Yes, you will be able to view your wallet and savings account (if applicable) statements on your Pockets app.



2. Can I view my statements for a particular time period?


Yes, you can view your statements for the last 10 transactions or select a particular time period for viewing your transaction statement



3. What is the tab in statements named as By Tag?


Pockets app has a unique feature of hash tagging and viewing your transactions in groups. By tagging transactions you can easily keep track of your money and determine your spends in particular categories.



4. What can I do with hash tagging?


Hash tagging allows you to understand your spending habits. For example, if you tag all your entertainment related transactions as ‘Entertainment’, you can see how much you have spent on entertainment during a particular period.



5. Does Pockets automatically categorize and tag my transactions?


No, you have to manually tag your transactions in order to view them by tags.



6. Why are some of my transactions hash tagged as “Untagged”?


All transactions that have not been tagged are categorized as Untagged



7. Can I change a tag on a transaction once I have tagged it?


Yes, you can edit tags on your transactions. Your transactions will now be displayed basis new tags.



8. Can I tag only my Pockets wallet statement or is this also extended to my existing savings accounts?


Hash-tagging feature is available for both your savings account and for your wallet. You can separately tag and view your wallet and savings account transactions.



9. Can I add a picture to my transactions, instead of the default image shown?


Yes, you can add a picture to your individual transactions. You can either take a picture from your phone camera or add a picture of your choice from your device.



10. I want to see an image added against an older transaction, how I can view the same?


Tap on ‘more’ on the statements and select the time period as required. You will be able to view the transactions based on the selected time period. Tapping on the transactions will showcase the image tagged against the transaction



11. Will I be able to view my tagged transactions even in the physical statements for my savings accounts?


No, this facility is only available on the Pockets app.



12. Will I be able to view my tagged transactions by logging into www.icicibank.com, as the login credentials for both are the same?


No, currently this facility is only available on the Pockets app.