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Bill Splitter

1. What is Bill splitter?


Bill splitter is a complete solution that allows you to create & split bills amongst your friends and settle them instantly, all within the app.



2. How to I add a bill?


Bill splitter works on the concept of an event which will have many bills within the larger event. eg. You could create an event "Trip to Goa" and have many bills within like "Transport" "Food" etc.



3. Can I book a movie ticket using the Pockets prepaid card or do I need to have a Savings Account for the same?


Yes, you can book movie tickets using the Pockets prepaid card itself.



4. How can I add people to my event?


After creating an event, you would have the option of adding people from ‘favorites’, address book or manually entering their details.



5. Is mobile number & email ID mandatory while adding a person to my event?


Only mobile number is mandatory while adding a person to the event.



6. Can I only add people who are registered with Pockets?


No, you can add your contacts from your address book, social media or also by entering the details manually



7. How are calculations for bill splitter done?


After creating an event and adding your friends & bills within the event, you would need to input the actual amount paid by each participant. This amount can further be split equally or unequally. Basis the amount paid and proportion of the bill splitting amount the calculations would be aggregated across at a person level across all events.



8. How will I know how much money do I owe or I am owed?


On the home page of the bill splitter page, you would be able to view the amount of money you owe to people and the amount of money people owe to you for the bills created by you.



9. Will I be able to send money directly to the person, Who I owe money using Bill splitter?


Yes, on your bill splitter home page you would be able pay up your dues by tapping on "Pay Now". This will directly take you to the send money pages where you would be able send money and settle your dues. You will be able to send money directly using the electronic voucher.



10. There is a separate button in Bill splitter called "pay now" & "settle up". What is the difference?


Pay now will enable you to send money to the person you owe money to. After sending money, you would have to manually tap on settle up to ensure that the transaction is settled with the user. After settling this transaction will be settled and you will not see any settled transaction as a part of your bill splitter home page.



11. There is an option called "Send a reminder", what does option enable.


By tapping on send a reminder, you would be able to send a reminder to your friends who owe you money. If your friends are on Pockets, they will receive an in app notification of the same. Else they will get an email reminder.



12. Can I make a payment to someone who doesn’t have a Pockets account using the Pay now functionality in Bill Split?


No, Pay now is available for all Pockets & non pockets customers. You would be able to send the owed amount and transfer money either to their savings account (if registered as a payee) or their Pockets wallet or via their mobile number or email electronically using evoucher.



13. Can I edit any details of an already created event/bill?


Only the creator of the event will be able to edit details of the event or bills. The creator would be able to add a new bill, add a new person or edit the total amount against an event. All the editing is subject to the fact that the event a single payment/settlement hasn’t occurred in the bill.



14. Will bill splitter also help me to collect money that is owed to me?


No, but you can remind your friends who owe you money by using our Send a reminder functionality.



15. If someone creates an event and add me as member, do I have an option of accepting or blocking the request?


Yes, you have an option of either accepting or blocking the request from the sender.



16. How do I close an event?


You can close an event by tapping on the "Event": 'close button' on the home page of your bill splitter page.



17. If my friend is not on Pockets, how will they get the notifications?


Users who are not on Pockets will receive an email notification on the events being added/deleted/edited in bill splitter.