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Prepaid Mobile Recharge

1. What is Mobile Recharge?


Mobile Recharge is a facility to recharge a prepaid mobile phone, you can use this service to increase talk-time (airtime) for any existing prepaid Mobile connection.



2. How Top-Up is different than Mobile Recharge through Recharge Codes?


Under Mobile top-up, you do not require to buy recharge codes of preset denominations. You can choose your own amount and submit your request online and airtime (talk-time) limit is increased automatically without any additional requirement.



3. Is there any additional charge levied by the Bank/ Operator?


No, this facility is free of charge for its Customers.



4. Can I recharge my mobile even using my Pockets prepaid card (wallet) or do I have to have a savings account for the same. Also, when the amount be debited?


Yes, you can carry out a successful prepaid mobile recharge from your Pockets wallet without having a savings account. The amount will be debited immediately.



5. Is there any limit on the amount of recharge?


Per day maximum transaction limit for Prepaid Mobile recharge is Rs. 750, irrespective of the mobile operators and the number of transactions. The customer can recharge the prepaid mobile for a minimum of Rs. 10.



6. What if I select the wrong operator?


Recharge request is taken on the basis of Mobile Number entered by you. Drop-down of Operator is provided for the purpose of your information about availability of the service. Pockets by ICICI Bank will not accept the request for processing a recharge mobile for mobile number not belonging to the given operator



7. When can my request be invalid?


A request will be invalid on account of the following reasons:

  • Non existing mobile number
  • Postpaid mobile number
  • Mobile number which does not pertain to the mentioned operators in the app dropdown
  • Mobile Recharge request is out of Amount/ Time limits

In all the above cases, Pockets by ICICI Bank will debit the account for the amount entered by you. However, being invalid, the request will be rejected by the operator. Refund will be made to your account within 4 working days.



8. What will happen if I enter incorrect mobile number?


Once the transaction is entered, ICICI Bank accepts the same for processing. If mobile number belongs to the list of operator as mentioned in the app the request will be processed and talk time will increase. However, if the number is invalid (for reasons as mentioned above) refund will be issued within 4 working days.



9. What will be the increase in talk-time limit?


On the basis of amount of transaction, every operator determines the talk-time limit and tops your mobile phone account accordingly. For exact information of talk-time increase, please get in touch with your mobile operator.



10. Will I receive a confirmation for completion of top-up?


Once the recharge is completed, you will receive a confirmation message from the operator.



11. What if I do not get any confirmation message from the operator?


Once the top-up is completed, you will receive a confirmation message from the operator. In case on non-receipt of confirmation message, please check the talk-time limit of your mobile phone. If the talk-time does not increase, please contact your operator.



12. What if talk-time does not increase after the transaction?


The same is possible when the mobile number entered is invalid (as mentioned under point 9, 10 and 11). In such cases, refund will be made to your account within 4 working days. In case you do not receive the same within 4 working days, kindly call our 24 Hour Customer Care Center.



Other than the app, is there any other medium to do a prepaid mobile recharge using the wallet?

Yes. You can do a prepaid mobile recharge using ICICI Bank Internet Banking webpage. Login with your pockets credentials and enter the required details to recharge your prepaid number.