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Pockets touch & pay

1. What is touch & pay ?


Touch & pay is a new age payment solution which enables ICICI Bank Debit and Credit cardholders to make payments at stores equipped with contactless card accepting terminals, by just tapping or waving their Android enabled phone near the terminal.


2. What do I need to use touch & pay ?


You just need the below to use touch & pay :

  • Smartphone enabled with NFC
  • Smartphone should have an Android OS version of 4.4 or above
  • An existing active ICICI Bank Credit or Debit Card activated for touch & pay
  • ICICI Bank Pockets Mobile App updated on your smartphone

3. Which smartphones are enabled with NFC to use touch & pay ?


Most of the mid and premium range smartphones available in the market come enabled with NFC. Some of them include Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 3//4/5, Samsung Galaxy A5/A7, Moto X Play, Sony Experia M4/C4/C5 Ultra/Z Ultra/Z5, Lenovo Vibe X3, LeTV Le Max, Asus Zenfone 2, Blackberry Priv, One Plus One, HTC One and many others.


4. How do I activate touch & pay on my device?


You can activate touch & pay on your device by just a few clicks.

  • Download ICICI Bank Pockets Mobile App from Android Play store
  • Login to Pockets App using your Internet Banking User ID and Password, or 4-digits MPIN
  • Click on touch & pay icon on the Pockets home screen
  • Activate Virtual Card for touch & pay , to be linked to any one Credit or Debit Card in your account
  • Select this virtual card as your default payment card for all future transactions
  • Your device is now activated for touch & pay

5. Can I activate and use multiple Cards on one device?


Yes, you can activate multiple Credit or Debit Cards on your Pockets App. You can choose any one of these activated cards at the time of the transaction.


6. Can I add one card on multiple devices?


No, you can activate Pockets and your card only to your registered mobile number. Hence, you can use one card only on one device.


7. I am unable to activate a virtual card on the Pockets App for using touch & pay ? What should I do?


You can call our Customer Care, who will help you to resolve the issue.


8. How can I use touch & pay to pay at a store?

  • Login to Pockets app
  • Click on touch & pay icon on Pockets home screen
  • Select any one of your Credit or Debit Card activated on the App
  • Just hold your phone near the merchant terminal (NFC/contactless enabled terminals)
  • Your payment is done

9. How will I know if a transaction is successful using touch & pay ?


You will instantly receive an alert on the Pockets App once the transaction is successful. You will also receive an SMS alert for every successful transaction. The merchant will also receive a success message on the terminal.


10. Which stores are enabled for making payments using touch & pay ?


You can use touch & pay at any store which has a Visa or MasterCard NFC/contactless enabled card accepting terminal. You can identify such stores by looking out for an NFC symbol (looks similar to a horizontal wifi) on the terminal or at the merchants payment counter.


11. What is the maximum amount of transaction permitted using touch & pay ?


You can make multiple transactions using touch & pay at the merchant terminal with each transaction amount limited to Rs 2000.


12. How secured is a touch & pay transaction?


Touch & pay is an extremely safe way to pay. Touch & pay uses advanced and enhanced security methods like tokenization, which is as good as a different card number been used for every transaction. This ensures that the card data can never be stolen. Every transaction will also require login onto the Pockets App with a 4-digit numeric MPIN. This ensures that without customer login, no transaction using the smartphone can be done. Also, the App can be downloaded only on the registered mobile number of the customer.


13. Do I have to pay any charges for using touch & pay ?


No. There are no additional charges that you need to pay for using touch & pay.


14. I have lost my phone, how can I ensure that my phone is not misused to make payments using touch & pay ?


Without knowing your 4-digit MPIN, any unknown user cannot login to the Pockets App and hence cannot use touch & pay. You can also call ICICI Bank Customer Care on the number available on the reverse side of your card and block the Pockets App on your device.


15. If I have lost my Credit or Debit Card, and have received a new Card? Do I need to activate the new card on Pockets App for touch & pay payments?


Yes. You will have to activate the new Credit or Debit Card by creating a Virtual Card on the touch & pay section of Pockets. You can make payments in the future using this new Virtual Card linked to your new Credit or Debit Card.


16. What will be the maximum daily usage limit or credit limit on my virtual Card?


The daily usage limit or credit limit on the virtual card will be the same as the physical Credit or Debit Card that it has been linked with. You can make multiple transactions within Rs 2000 using touch & pay till the daily usage limit is reached.