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Pay with mVisa

1. What is ‘Pay with mVisa’ on Pockets?

‘Pay with mVisa’ on Pockets is a payment solution enabled by Visa, that will let customers make payments to merchants using Pockets just by scanning the merchant’s QR (Quick Response) code or by entering the merchant’s mVisa ID.


On login to Pockets, the customer’s existing linked ICICI Bank Visa Debit card or Pockets Prepaid Card will be available to securely pay using Pockets. In case the customer has multiple Debit Cards, they can choose either of the ICICI Bank Visa Debit Cards to pay the merchant.


2. How does one use ‘Pay with MVisa’?

  • On login, you need to tap on ‘Pay with MVisa’
  • Then choose to either scan the merchant’s QR Code or enter the merchant’s mVisa ID
  • Enter the amount and select Pockets Prepaid Card or Debit Card through which you want to pay and authenticate the payment with your Debit Card PIN
  • The merchant gets paid the amount you intended to pay.


3. Where can I use MVisa?

mVisa is currently available only at select merchants in Bangalore. It will soon be available across the country.


4. Who can use this functionality?

Currently, only ICICI Bank Visa Debit Cards or Pockets Prepaid Card can be used to make payments through mVisa. We will soon extend it to ICICI Credit Cards and other bank Credit & Debit Cards.


5. Which merchants accept MVisa?

Currently, this feature is available with approximately 5,000 merchants in Bangalore. The merchant list will be made available shortly.