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Pockets prepaid wallet

1. I can see various cards on my dashboard upon login, what are these cards?

Your newly created Pockets wallet & savings account relationships are displayed in the form of such digital cards on your dashboard.



2. I get a visa card right on confirming the details. How does this card work?

The card issued to you is a prepaid card which works under the Pre-paid Payment Instruments guidelines of RBI which states that the card can be loaded upto a maximum limit of Rs 10,000 in a month. Also, at any point of time the balance in the card should never be more than Rs 10,000.



3. Where can I use this card? Is it valid only on the app?

Pockets wallet comes with a 16 digit VISA pre-paid card which can be used for shopping online across websites in India. You also have the option of getting a specially designed Pockets physical card that can be used at stores/outlets



4. What will I get when I open my Pockets wallet? Will I get a cheque book linked to my Pockets wallet?

The Pockets wallet instantly comes with a virtual prepaid visa card, displayed on your dashboard. You can also request for a Physical prepaid card, which will be sent to your communication address. Cheque book facility is not present for Pockets wallet.



5. How do I load money into my wallet for transactions?

You can load the wallet from:

  • Within the app using a linked ICICI Bank account or any other bank account using Internet Banking or Debit Card
  • If you are an existing ICICI Bank Savings Account customer, you can also add funds using Net Banking
  • The wallet can also be added as a registered biller in your ICICI Bank Savings account
  • You can also register the Pockets wallet as a payee in any non-ICICI Bank account using net banking by entering the 16 digit Pockets wallet number and ICIC0001022 as the IFSC code and load the wallet using NEFT 


6. How can I enter any other bank account/ Debit Card details while I am logged in the Pockets app?

On the home page of your dashboard and the menu, you have an option of ‘Add Funds’. Tapping on this you can either Add funds to your wallet from the linked ICICI Bank Savings account (this will be applicable for existing ICICI Bank users) or you have the option of Other Modes. Tapping on other modes will further give you an option of choosing other bank Net Banking or Debit Cards.

Selecting either Net Banking or Debit Cards will take you to the respective bank’s page.



7. Do I have to add funds to my Pockets Prepaid card. Can I start using the card without adding any funds, similar to a credit card.

No, the Pockets wallet is a Prepaid card. You would have to fund the card before using it for any transactions