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Pockets mobile app – Onboarding and Login

1. How do I download the application?

Visit Google Play-store from your Android device or App store from your iOS device and search for Pockets by ICICI Bank. Click on install and accept all permissions.



2. After downloading the app, how do I access it?

Once the Pockets application is downloaded, open the application from the Application folder of your phone. Alternatively, you can also open it from Pockets app shortcut placed on your phone home page



3. Do I need to have internet activated on my phone, even for using the app after downloading it on my phone

Yes, internet services will be used to access Pockets.



4. What are the eligibility parameters for registering on the app?

  • Any individual of Indian origin above the age of 10 years with an active mobile number can register on the app.
  • NRI/Foreign nationals will not be able to register for Pockets.



5. How do I register for Pockets

For New customers (customers who do not have an ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID and Password)

  • After launching the app, you need to tap on "Create an Account"
  • As you do not have an existing ICICI Bank Savings Account, please tap on “No” on the notification “Are you an existing ICICI Bank Savings Account customer?“
  • This will take you to a basic form. Please enter your Name, Mobile number, Gender, E-mail ID and Date of Birth
  • We will send you the One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile number entered. Post successful OTP authentication, you will need to create a User ID based on availability & Password of your choice.

This User ID & Password will be used to login to the app.


For existing customers (ICICI Bank Savings Account holders apart from our YoungStar, Direct Banking (B2) and NRI account holders)


A) Registration using the app

  • After launching the app, you would need to tap on “Login”
  • Please enter your existing ICICI Bank Net Banking User ID & Password
  • Post successful authentication, we will confirm your details – Name, E-mail ID, Mobile number, Date of Birth & Address
  • You will receive the One Time Password (OTP) for mobile number authentication
  • On successful OTP authentication, your digital wallet will be created
  • Once logged in, your existing Savings Account (apart from YoungStar, NRI & B2) and deposit relationships with ICICI Bank can also be viewed inside Pockets

B) Registration using Internet Banking

  • Login to ICICI Bank Internet Banking with your User ID and Password
  • Click on the Pockets Account tab under ‘Pockets’ section from the menu and fill in your details - Name, E-mail ID, Mobile number, Gender and Date of Birth
  • You will receive the One Time Password (OTP) for mobile number authentication
  • On successful OTP authentication, your digital wallet will be created


6. Is there any charge for registering on Pockets?

No, Pockets is a free app. There is no charge for registration and usage of the app. Standard charges for internet data as charged by your mobile operator will apply.



7. Can I access the app on desktop?

Yes, you would be able to view your Pockets wallet details by entering your user ID and password on www.icicibank.com



8. Pockets mobile app is available on which mobile devices?

Pockets mobile app is available on Android as well as iOS devices.



9. Is OTP mandatory for creating an account?

Yes, OTP is a mandatory requirement. It is sent on your mobile number and is for your safety and security concerns.



10. I didn’t receive any OTP, how do I create my account?

We have an option called “Resend” on the same page in the mobile app where the OTP is auto-read. Kindly tap on “Resend” to re-initiate sending the OTP to your mobile number.



11. Where will the OTP be sent?

If you are an existing ICICI Bank customer, OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

If you are new customer, OTP will be sent to the number which you inputted while creating your account.



12. I mistyped my OTP by mistake thrice. I am unable to create my account now?

We would allow OTP entry thrice, failing which you would have to re-enter your credentials to create the Pockets Wallet.



13. I created my User ID & Password successfully, but I was not allowed to login to the app and was given an error. What should I do?

In such a situation, please retry logging in after some time. You can login with the same User ID & Password which you created by tapping on the ‘Login’ in the app post successful verification.



14. I created my User ID & Password and was taken to the screen where I could choose my app theme, but I got a call and could not proceed with the selection. How should I proceed?

As you had successfully created you User ID & Password, you can login to the Pockets app with the User ID and Password you selected. You can further personalise your app, post logging in by tapping on Themes on the dashboard.



15. On successful registration, how should I proceed to login?

The User ID & Password created during registration will be used to login to the app. We have added an enhanced security feature during Login. You will be able to login to Pockets only from your registered mobile device. You will have to authenticate your registered mobile number for the first time during Login to map your device to the application.


For a dual SIM phone:

Please ensure that your registered SIM is kept in the default SIM slot for successful authentication. Even if you register with both the numbers, you can use only one number at a time and will have to re-authenticate every time you switch from one registered number to the other.


Where and how can I set MPIN in the app?

After successful login with User ID and Password, you need to open the ‘Settings’ section and choose the ‘Set MPIN’ option. MPIN can be any 4-digit number.


How can I change my MPIN?

Post setting MPIN, you can change it from the ‘Settings’ section by choosing ‘Change MPIN’


I forgot the MPIN. How can I reset it?

You can use the ‘Forgot MPIN’ option on the login screen which will redirect you to login with your User ID and Password. After successful login, you can set MPIN as mentioned in point 16.
Pockets App for Existing Savings account customers