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I want to know more about Funds Transfer (eCheques)
  • Funds Transfer (eCheques) between my own a/c's
    You cantransfer funds to your own linked a/c's instantaneously or you can even schedule the transfer for a future date.
  • Funds Transfer (eCheques) to a third party a/c in ICICI Bank
    For doing a third party transfer in ICICI Bank, you will have to register the payee.
    On entering the payees complete A/c number you will get an online confirmation.Once the payee is registered you can transfer funds instantaneously.
  • Funds Transfer (eCheques) to an account in any Bank across 15 cities
    Using ICICI Bank Funds Transfer (eCheques) you can also transfer funds to any account in a bank other than ICICI Bank.
    This will again require the payee to be registered.This takes around 3 working days to get funds credited to the payee account.
    This facility is currently available for 15 cities:

    1. Ahmedabad

    9. Kanpur

    2. Banglore

    10. Kolkatta

    3. Bhubaneshwar

    11. Mumbai

    4. Chandigarh

    12. Nagpur

    5. Chennai

    13. New Delhi

    6. Guwahati

    14. Patna

    7. Hyderabad

    15. Trivandrum

    8. Jaipur