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eftCheques Mobile App – Download, Registration and Login

1. eftCheques mobile app is available on which mobile devices?

eftCheque mobile app is available on


Android: Ginger bread 2.3 and above


iOS: iOS 4.3 and above

2. How do I download eftCheques mobile app?

You can download eftCheques mobile app on your handset in the following ways:


For GSM handsets:

  • Visit Google Playstore / App Store from your device and search for eftCheques by ICICI Bank. Click on install and accept all permissions

3. I have downloaded the app. How do I use it now?

Once the eftCheques application is downloaded, open the application from the Games or Application folder of your phone. The app will ask permission to install, please click on install. Once the app is installed, you can open it from eftCheques app shortcut placed on your desktop. You will have to follow the below steps to start using eftCheques mobile app.

  • Accept permissions requested
  • You can download the application on the registered mobile number with ICICI Bank account. Post download, you will have to register with your Debit Card and Debit Card PIN. In case of a Joint Account, Internet Banking user id is also required. Once authentication is done based on the OTP sent to the registered mobile number, you can start using the application with the 4 digit numberic PIN of your choice. If you are using a Dual SIM mobile, please ensure that primary SIM selected is the registered mobile number with the bank.

4. What is PIN?

It is a 4-digit numeric password set by the user to prevent unauthorised usage of the application.

5. What if I forget my Login PIN? How to reset PIN?

You need to click on "Forgot PIN" tab and re-enter the Debit Card and ATM PIN. Once the verification is done, you will be able to generate a PIN of your choice.