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Indian Gold Coin

Where can I get gold coins in the Bank?


The coins are available for sale at selected branches of ICICI Bank. The branches where these coins are available are listed in the Annexure below. More branches will be added in the coming weeks.


Annexure I


Sr.NoBranch NameBranch AddressCity
1New Delhi - Connaught PlaceICICI Bank Ltd, 9A, Phelps Building, Connaught Place, New DelhiNew Delhi
2Mumbai - SantacruzICICI Bank Ltd, Ground Floor, Indraprastha Bldg., Premnarayen Chowk, Linking Road, Santacruz West, MumbaiMumbai

How is the price determined for Indian Gold Coins?


Price is determined and published daily by MMTC and is available on the MMTC and official site of Indian Gold Coin i.e. http://indiangoldcoin.com/en/index/#price

What are the denominations available?


The coins are available in 5 grams denominations.

What is Indian Gold Coin?


Indian gold coin is part of Governments gold monetization initiative. It was launched by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on November 5, 2015 along with two other schemes namely Gold Monetisation Scheme and Sovereign Gold Bond. 

Are these coins imported?


No. These are indigenously minted coins.

Am I required to be an account holder of the Bank to purchase the gold coin?


Yes. The coins are available for sale only to account holders of the bank against debit to your account. No cheques / Cash / NEFT/ RTGS allowed.

What documents do I need to execute for purchase of coins?


Customers willing to purchase Indian Gold Coin shall have to fill and submit a Gold Purchase Slip available at the branches.

What is the purity of the coins?


Coins are of 24 karat purity and are of 999 fineness.

How would I ascertain the purity of the coin purchased?


The coins are hallmarked as per the BIS standards and comes in tamperproof packaging.

Where are these coins minted?


The coins are manufactured and minted in India at Government approved and NABL accredited India Government Mint.

Does it come in tamperproof packaging?


Yes. It comes in tamperproof packaging and have advanced anti-counterfeit features on the coin cover that makes it very safe and easily recyclable.