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What is the procedure to be followed for transfer of shares?

Transferee(s) need to send original share certificate(s) along with Share Transfer Form No. SH-4, duly filled and executed with requisite stamp duty and self-attested copies of pan cards of all the transferor(s) as well as all the transferee(s) to our RTA.


Stamp duty payable would be 25 paise for every Rs.100 or part thereof, of the market value of the shares prevailing as on the date of execution of Share Transfer Form.


Note : As per notification issued by SEBI, shares of the Bank shall be transferred only in dematerialised form with effect from April 1, 2019. Any shareholder desirous of lodging physical transfer documents should do so well before March 31, 2019. Any transfer documents that is received after March 31, 2019 including by reason of postal delays will not be processed.