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ATM – Instant Personal Loan

Who is eligible for this offer?


All pre-approved customers are eligible to avail instant disbursal's through ATM.

What is Insta PL through ATM?


Insta PL through ATM is an instant disbursal facility provided to pre-approved Personal Loan customers. Customers availing this facility will be able to get instant disbursal of loan amount in their account through ATM.

Will the offer be visible to customers on every transaction?


Insta PL offer will be visible to customers during the first 3 completed transactions post July 7, 2017. If no response is given the first 3 times, the offer will not be visible at the later stage. Additionally, once a customer clicks on ‘No’ for availing the offer, or after availing the Insta Personal Loan through the ATM, the offer will not be shown.

Which ATMs are designed to provide ‘Insta PL through ATM’?


All ICICI Banks ATMs have been designed to provide Insta PL.