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What is the process for express home loans?

Please find below the process for express home loans:

  • Step 1 - Enter inputs for generating the loan offer
    The customer provides and enters basic information on the platform to generate the loan offer. Details to be provided:
    City in which property is based, purpose of loan, Property details, where the customer currently resides, customer's date of birth, type of employment, income details, age of retirement and current obligations
  • Step 2 - Check home loan offer
    The platform calculates multiple home loan offers for the customer. Customer selects the loan amount required and applies for the offer that best suits his/her requirement.
  • Step 3 - Fill online application form
    Customer fills the application form online by providing the applicant and co-applicant details as required and submits the application.
  • Step 4 - Upload Documents Online
    A reference number is generated for the online application and customer is provided an option to upload the documents online. Customer uploads KYC and income documents for the applicant and co-applicant as required.
    The application and documents submitted are assessed by ICICI Bank Credit Manager and the loan is approved appropriately.