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Will the existing customers linked to FRR//PLR/I-Base/MCLR based benchmark rate be allowed to convert to Repo based pricing?

Yes, all existing customers have an option to switch from the existing system of FRR/PLR/I-Base/MCLR (FRR/PLR/I-Base/MCLR +/- spread) to the new system of Repo linked rate (Repo + spread) at prevailing rate applicable for new loan with the same category of customer.

Illustration: If an existing customer with a loan amount of Rs 2.5 million at 9.10% interest rate (I-MCLR-1Y (8.55%) + 0.55%) and if the customer opts to switch-over to Repo linked rate, then the applicable interest rate will be 8.90% per annum since the applicable ROI for new loan with the same category of customer is Repo rate (5.15%) + 3.50%.