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Online Loans

What is the Online Processing of Loans / Credit Cards program ?


What is the Online Processing of Loans /Credit Cards program? Online processing of Loans /Credit Cards is a program for all the customers (ICICI and Non ICICI customer) that enables them to avail loans at the click of the button through various channels subject to some internal verification.

What is the basis on which a loan is sanctioned to the applicant ?


Post submission of loan details and by choosing the Quick Online Processing option customer will asked to fill the form online. On the basis of the details provided approval will be granted after various checks are being performed as per the risk policy of the ICICI Bank Ltd.

What are the key advantages of Loans Online ?

  • Quicker sanction of Loans at the click of the button.
  • Walk into the dealer with documents and come out with the vehicle Walk into the branch with the documents and come out with funds in Account.
  • Convenience of your home/office, while availing loan online and checking status of loan online.

How secure is the Information provided by me ?


Once the customer clicks on the banner he will be directed to the secure page on the ICICI Bank Ltd