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What are the benefits of Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking helps you bank while on move directly through your mobile phone. You can access information and conduct transactions on any of your ICICI bank accounts with the help of your mobile phone.


List of transactions that can be carried out with iMobile:

Account Information

- Mini-statements and checking of account history

- Alerts on account activity or passing of set thresholds

- Monitoring of term deposits

- Access to loan statements

- Access to card statements

- Status on cheque

- Stop payment on cheque

- Ordering cheque books

- Balance checking in the account

- Recent transactions

- Due date of payment (functionality for stop, change and deleting of payments)

- PIN provision, Change of PIN and reminder over your mobile phone


Payments, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers

- Domestic funds transfer

- Mobile recharging

- Presentment bills

- Payment bills

- E-commerce transactions: Shopping, book tickets online and many more to come.



  1. Tracking your service requests
  2. ATM & Branch location