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About iMobile

How do I activate iMobile application?


Once you have downloaded iMobile application, you need to follow a simple 2-step activation process.

Step 1: Select ‘Activate Now’ to automatically verify your mobile number. In case of a dual SIM phone, please ensure your registered mobile number as your primary SIM.
Step 2: Post successful verification of the mobile number, you need to select the login option from the two options provided:

  1. Login PIN 
  2. Internet Banking User ID and Password.

Post successful login option creation, you need to re-login. After successful login, you will be asked for the grid values on your debit card to ensure security.

You may view the detailed information of iMobile download and activation on our website www.icicibank.com > Mobile Banking (on the home page) > iMobile > View Demo.

I am an existing iMobile user, how will I upgrade to the new iMobile app?


You need to visit the Google Playstore / Apple App Store and upgrade the app.
The new upgrade is not available for Java and Windows Phones. You may continue using the existing app.

Can I use new iMobile app if my mobile number is not registered with bank?


No. Your mobile number should be registered with the bank to use new iMobile app. You can register by visiting your nearest ICICI Bank or an ATM.

If I have any query regarding iMobile, where should I contact?


You can write to us at mobileapps@icicibank.com for any feedback or query related to the iMobile app. Please provide a detailed description of your query to help us serve you better.

Do I need to uninstall the existing iMobile app to upgrade to new iMobile app?


No. The new app will upgrade itself.

What is iMobile?

iMobile is ICICI Bank's Mobile Banking application that can be downloaded and activated on your mobile phone. With iMobile you can check your balance, transfer funds, pay utility bills, recharge your mobile phone, DTH connection, broadband, book movie tickets and much more on the go.



Does the iMobile application ask for a user ID & password to login?



You have 2 options to logon to the iMobile app:

  1. With your Internet Banking User ID and password
  2. With your MPIN

I lost my handset on which iMobile application was activated, what should I do to avoid any misuse?


We request you to call our Customer Care to disable the iMobile application on your old device. Please click here to know the Customer Care numbers.

I forgot to activate the iMobile application post getting Activation Code / OTP. Can I activate the app any time after receiving the Activation Code?


No. OTP / Activation Code is valid till 15 minutes only. If your OTP has expired, then you will have to initiate the application process again.

Which handsets are compatible for downloading new iMobile app?


The new iMobile is compatible with most Android devices running on Android 2.1 and above and on IOS Platform for devices which are running on iOS 8 and above

Is iMobile secure?


To ensure security of your account information and all your transactions, a number of security features have been built into iMobile:

  • iMobile can only be activated on your mobile number registered with the Bank.
  • Secure Login - Mobile Banking via iMobile app requires secure login for access. No one is able to access your account information without knowing your unique USER ID- Password or MPIN.
  • Data Encryption – Only limited information such as account numbers, and nicknames of your payees and billers are stored locally on your mobile device. All other account-related data resides at ICICI Bank - just as with Internet Banking. All data placed into local storage on the mobile device is encrypted. This ensures that if the mobile device is lost or stolen, the data stored by the mobile application in local storage is unreadable.
  • No Identifiable Information – SMS texts or alerts from ICICI Bank never include any personally identifiable information, such as your full account number, email address or mobile number. Your USER ID and Password will never be included in any of the text messages or alerts you receive from the Bank.
  • Grid Card Authentication- NRI customers using iMobile app will require Grid card authentication for completing financial transactions. For retail customers, transactions amounting to more than INR 100,000 will require grid authentication.

I forgot to activate the iMobile application post download. Can I activate the app any time after download?


Yes. You can activate the new iMobile any time after download. Please note that the activation code is valid only for 15 minutes and a new one needs to be generated, post that.

Can I use existing login credentials to use new iMobile app?


No. You will have to reactivate the app and create a New Login PIN or use Net Banking User ID and password.

Why should I download new iMobile? What are the new features in the new iMobile?


We have introduced many new features in new iMobile;


  • Upload Personalised Photo – In order to provide personalised experience, now users can upload photo through this feature which will display on Dashboard.
  • Hamburger – Grouping of all quick links through Hamburger (left panel) for easy accessibility
  • Search – Introduced Search feature on Dashboard for easy navigation. Users can search any services available in the app by using this tab from Dashboard.
  • Favourite Transactions – Users can mark any transactions as Favourites post completing the same. They can use this feature to transact fast in future without entering same details again
  • Investments & Insurance – Users will be able to view their linked General Insurance and Life Insurance policy and also be able to pay premium through new iMobile.
  • Offers – Introduced a separate offer zone where users will find all offers at a single place.
  • Apply Now – Users can apply for various new products by using Apply Now tab

Accounts & Deposits:

  • Linking of Accounts – Now users will be able to link their various accounts / relationships by using Account Linkage feature.
  • Passbook – Users will be able to get access to their account statement by using Passbook feature incorporated within the new iMobile.
  • E-mail Statement with Export to PDF – Now users will get an option to send statement on their e-mail ID as well as export it to PDF.

Funds Transfer:

  • RTGS - Users can transfer funds through RTGS now.
  • Pay To Contacts - By using this feature now users can transfer funds to their contacts or any other mobile number just by entering payee's mobile number / e-mail ID.
  • Cardless Cash - Users can use Cardless Cash services through new iMobile wherein users can transfer funds to Beneficiary, even though Beneficiary does not have any Bank Account.
  • Schedule Transaction - Now users can schedule their transactions through New iMobile channel.

Bill Payment:

  • Registration of new biller – Register a biller for bill Payment
  • Set A Reminder – Providing a feature to Set up a Reminder for any Bill Payment transaction.


  • Card Blocking – New iMobile provides blocking of debit card / credit card feature to users for handling emergency situation.
  • iTrack – Users can track their deliverables by using Track Your Deliverables services available in new iMobile.
  • iLoans – Users can View Loan Summary, Access IT Certificate, EMI Schedule etc. by using new iMobile
  • Chat – To provide online assistance to our users within the app, we have provided Online Chat services through which users can communicate with our Customer Service Associate

I do not use Internet Banking, can I still use iMobile?


Yes. If you have a valid Savings Bank Account with ICICI Bank and you have registered your Mobile Number with us you can use iMobile.

What is the User ID and Password in Login Option on iMobile application. Can I use my Internet Banking User ID and Password?


You can use your Internet Banking User ID and password to login to new iMobile application.

Which Operating System (OS) version does iMobile support?


iMobile is compatible with any handset having

  • Android OS version 2.1 and above
  • iOS 8.0 and higher versions
  • Windows 8 and above
  • CDMA device users cannot avail iMobile services

How can I avail iMobile services?


ICICI Bank savings account customers registered for mobile banking and GPRS enabled on their mobile device can avail iMobile services. If you have not yet registered your mobile number, kindly visit your nearest ICICI Bank Branch or ATM to register.

I have never used ICICI Bank’s Net Banking. Can I still use iMobile?


Yes. If you have a valid Savings Bank Account with ICICI Bank and you have registered your Mobile Number with us you may use iMobile.

Is the New iMobile app compatible on Nokia devices?


No. You may use your existing app.

Will I be able to access my current payees and billers registered through Internet Banking on new iMobile?


Yes, you can access your payees and billers through the New iMobile.

Is there any e-mail ID where I can raise my queries related to new iMobile?


Yes. You can write to us at mobileapps@icicibank.com for any feedback or query related to new iMobile app. Please provide a detailed description of your query to help us serve you better.

Are there any charges for using iMobile service?


No, ICICI Bank provides iMobile service at no cost. However Data/SMS usage charges may be applicable as per your service provider.

How I can generate the MPIN for my iMobile banking?


When you download the iMobile app, a default popup will blink where you can generate the MPIN for iMobile. The MPIN should be 4-digit secure code.

I forgot my Login PIN, how do I reset it in iMobile application?


You can click on Forgot MPIN? You will need to reactivate the app again and set a new MPIN.

How can I change my Login PIN in iMobile application?


You can change your Logon PIN by navigating to Change MPIN feature available under Services section from Dashboard screen.

I forgot my Internet Banking Password, how do I reset it in iMobile application?


You can click on Need Help? The link available on login page to change your password.
You may also change Internet banking password through Internet Banking channel.