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DTH Recharge

If I have any queries, where should I contact?


Please contact us at our 24-hour Customer Care.

What if I recharge a wrong Subscriber's ID?


In case, a wrong Subscriber's ID has been recharged due to wrong entry done by you, the amount will not be credited back to your account. You have to be careful while entering the beneficiary Subscriber's ID for recharge.

How can I recharge my DTH using SMS?


Simply type an SMS in the format given below and send to 9222208888:
DTH<space>Subscriber's ID<space>Operator name<space>Amount<space>Last 6 digits of your bank account number.

Example: If the last 6 digits of my account number are 123456, to recharge a TATASKY number 1005825110 for Rs. 100, I will send the following SMS to 9222208888:
DTH 1005825110 TATASKY 100 123456.

What if I enter incomplete Operator name? For example: TATA instead of TATASKY.


If you enter incomplete Operator's Name, your transaction will be declined.

Below is the list of keyword for different Operators.


Are flexi recharge options (any value between the Minimum and Maximum range) available for other DTH operators. Example: Can I recharge Dish for Rs. 443, or tata for Rs. 1,020 etc.?


All denominations between specified Minimum and Maximum amount are available, except Sun direct.
Denominations available for Sun direct E- recharge are:
10, 25, 40, 100, 143, 159, 160, 180, 199, 200, 300, 399, 400, 449, 500, 655, 780, 999, 1000, 1499.

What if I enter an invalid Subscriber's ID while doing the recharge?


Your account will be debited by entered value immediately. If you have entered an invalid Subscriber's ID while doing recharge, the amount will be credited back to your account within 72 hours.

How is this service different with DTH recharge service available in iMobile or USSD?


You do not need to download any application unlike iMobile channel. Also, Non-GPRS users can recharge DTH using SMS. DTH Recharge using SMS can be done across all operators.

How many DTH recharge transactions can be done through an SMS service?


There is no limit on the number of DTH recharge transactions through an SMS service, but it should not exceed daily PMR Limit of INR 1,500 per day per user.

Will I be charged if I use DTH recharge using SMS?


The DTH recharge facility is a free service provided to you by ICICI Bank. Charges may be applied by the mobile operator for use of SMS.

Can I use another account instead of primary account for DTH recharge transactions through SMS service?


Yes, you can provide last 6 digits of your non-primary account number from which you want your funds to get debited.

Can I recharge my DTH across any operator?


DTH recharge through an SMS allows you to recharge your DTH across 6 major operators available in India.

Operators available for recharge on this platform are:

Airtel DTHSundirectDish TVTata Sky
Big TVVideoconD2h