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How do I pay through IMPS?

Process to make payment of credit card amount outstanding through IMPS:

Step 1:

A. Download the Mobile Banking Application provided by your Bank and login to Mobile Banking

Step 2:

A. Click on Bank Account.
B. A separate link for IMPS will be available.
C. Click on IMPS and then select Merchant Payment.

Step 3:

A. Enter your Bank Account Number to be debited under 'Source Account' field: xxxxxxxxxxxx
B. Enter the Merchant Mobile Number 7506612221 for ICICI Bank Credit Cards
C. Enter the Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) 9229001 for ICICI Bank Credit Cards
D. Enter the Amount (INR) that you wish to pay: xxxx.xx
E. Enter your ICICI Credit Card Number under ‘Payment Reference Number’ field: xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

Step 4:

A. Select Go
B. You will receive the transaction confirmation on your screen.

Step 5:

A. Click on Confirm.
B. Post confirmation, the Transaction details will be displayed on the screen.
C. You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction.

The payment will be credited within 24 hours on your ICICI Bank Credit Card Account.

To view the list of Banks participating for IMPS Merchant Payment, visit our website www.icicibank.com>Payments>Click to Pay>IMPS Credit Card Payment.