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Insta Banking

Are there any charges for using Insta Banking facility on Internet Banking?


ICICI Bank offers Insta Banking facility free to all its customers.

Do I have to fill in a separate Deposit slip/request letter for transactions conducted through Insta Banking?


No, you don't have to fill in any forms. All you need to do is initiate the transaction and visit any ICICI Bank branch to complete the transaction basis the reference number generated. The transaction initiated but not completed in any of the branches will automatically expire the same day.

How can I access Insta Banking facility on a mobile phone?


You can access Insta Banking facility in the non logged in section of iMobile, InstaBIZ, mera iMobile and at m.icicibank.com .

Is there any SMS sent to customers post completion of data entry on mobile application?


An SMS is sent to the customer with the Reference number of the transaction.

What kind of requests can I ask for through Insta Banking?


Over <55> plus services are available in Insta Banking

1. Financial (Digital Form Filling)
Cash Deposit
Cash Withdrawal
Funds Transfer

2. Financial (end-to-end processing)

Fund transfer (within ICICI Bank)
Non financial
Cheque book request
Mobile number update
Update PAN details
Update E-mail ID
E-mail Statement Registration

How to use Insta Banking?


Insta Banking helps you to get priority servicing at branches. You can initiate transactions from the non logged in section of iMobile, InstaBIZ, mera iMobile and Internet Banking. You can also initiate the same through the Kiosks placed at branches.

What are the documents that i need to carry to complete the transactions?


Below are the list of documents:

For Cash Deposit:
ID proof for deposit value of more than Rs <50,000>

For Cash withdrawal/Funds transfer:
A cheque

NEFT/RTGS instructions/Cheque duly signed by the customer

For a DD/PO:
A cheque.

If I have entered an incorrect account number, how can I rectify it?


Incorrect account number cannot be modified. The transaction needs to be re-initiated.

Is there any restriction for executing Insta Banking transaction in a day?


There are no restrictions on the number of transactions.

Do I need to be registered with any particular service provider?


Insta Banking transaction is not restricted to any service provider.

Do I need a special phone for Insta Banking?


Insta Banking transactions can be initiated with a smartphone - both Android and iPhone.

What is Insta Banking?


Insta Banking is a new feature in the iMobile app. With this feature, you can save time at the branch by filling forms required for various transactions, even before you reach the branch.

For more details of Insta Banking, please click here

Do i need to visit only specialised ICICI Bank branches?


Customer can visit any ICICI Bank Branch in India and complete the transaction.