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Mobile Money

What is MPIN?


MPIN is a 4-digit code used to authenticate your IMPS transactions while doing transactions on National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP) or ICICI Bank’s Call to Pay service to make bill payments.

What is IMPS ?


Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) is an interbank electronic instant mobile money transfer service through mobile phones. IMPS helps you access your Bank Account and transfer funds instantly. The beneficiary account is credited immediately when a Fund Transfer request is made through your Mobile phone / Internet Banking. This service is available 24x7, throughout the year including Sundays and any bank holiday.

You will need a 7 digit MMID* (Mobile Money Identifier) number to transfer funds via IMPS.

For more details, we request you to refer to the below link.

Can I reverse payment if I made it to the wrong mobile number?


No. Once you make payment, there no way to reverse it. Please ensure that you enter correct mobile number while making payments.

What if I lose my mobile phone?


Your money on mobile is always safe by your 4-digit MPIN, as long as you do not disclose it to anyone. In case of loss of SIM or phone, please block your iMobile app by calling our Customer Care. To know the Customer Care numbers, please click here.

How do I deposit cash in my account?


You can deposit cash at any authorised M-Pesa agent location. No one other than an authorised M-Pesa agent can deposit money into your account. To know the M-Pesa agent near you, you may send an SMS – 'M-Pesa <city>' to 111.

Customer Support and Trouble shooting


1. What details do I need to verify when I call Customer Support?


You should have your identification information (given during registration / upgrade) when you call Customer Support on 55400.

2. What details are required if I call regarding a particular transaction?


You should have the transaction ID related to that transaction and you have to provide it to the Customer Care Executive.

3. What happens if I lose the mobile phone signal while using M-Pesa?


If this happens, the payment may or may not have been processed. To confirm, wait for a few seconds, and then check your account balance and activity history. If you are still unsure of the status of your payment, please call our Customer Care. Do not initiate a transaction again until you get confirmation of the previous transaction.

4. I get a supplementary service not-error while using *400#. What does this mean?


Normally, this not-error occurs when your session times out due to inactivity.

5. What do I do if my account gets locked?


Call Customer Care and unlock it. You need to provide authentication information before your account could be unlocked.

6. What happens if I make wrong PIN attempts?


After 5 incorrect PIN attempts, your account will automatically be locked by the system for security reasons. You need to contact Customer Care to unlock it. After necessary verification, you will be sent a new PIN to resume the service.

7. What if I forget my PIN?


Call the Customer Care to have them reset it for you. You need to provide authentication information before your PIN can be reset. You will get an SMS with a temporary PIN which you need to change the first time you use the service. You may also use Forgot PIN option in my account by dialing *400#.

8. What if I lose my mobile phone?


Even if you lose your mobile phone, no one will be able to access your M-Pesa account without your PIN. Since the PIN is not stored on the phone, your money is safe. Inform M-Pesa by calling Customer Care, so that we can block your account for further security.

9. What do I do if I buy a new phone?


The M-Pesa application is linked to your mobile number & not your handset. So you can change as many phones as you want and be still able to use the service uninterrupted.

10. What should I do if I change my mobile number?


M-Pesa works only on the same number on which you have registered your M-Pesa account. In case you only change your number and not your operator, you will not be able to continue using M-Pesa. Please call our Customer Care to deactivate your account.

11. I want to deactivate my M-Pesa account. How do I get my balance back?


We suggest you use the entire amount before getting the account deactivated. You may also submit a request at any Vodafone store for closure and settlement of your account.

12. Will subscribers of other service providers be able to call the M-Pesa Toll Free number?



13. Will it be Toll Free for them as well or chargeable? If yes, what would be the charges?


All calls to the toll-free numbers are free for all callers.

14. Can users (Vodafone as well as non-Vodafone) from other locations also connect to the Toll Free number?



15. What happens if the unregistered customer has deleted the SMS for fund transfer?


In such a case, the remitter should call the Call Centre and request them to resend the transfer code via SMS.

16. How will I know the authenticity of the M-Pesa agent?


The M-Pesa agent will have an agency code which will be displayed at the store. Only if this code is valid the customer will be able to withdraw cash at the agent store. Also any exchange of physical cash for M-Pesa will be done only after the SMS confirmation.

17. I am changing from postpaid to prepaid (or vice versa). Will you transfer my wallet?


As long as you use the same number, no change is required.

18. I do not have full documents with me, What if I am unable to provide full documentation at the time of registration?


In case, you are not able to meet our documentation guidelines, you can still operate as a semi-closed account. Later you can visit our authorised M-Pesa agent, provide them with the acceptable documents and your account will be updated to a KYC account where you can enjoy all the services offered by M-Pesa.

19. What if my verification fails?


If your verification fails due to of lack of proper documentation, we will intimate you and you may need to re-submit all the documents. If your KYC verification is rejected by ICICI Bank or if you do not have complete documentation, you can still use the semi closed account which allows you to make bill payments, recharge mobile number. You can also receive money from other M-Pesa customers. However at any given time, balance in your account should not exceed Rs. 20,000.

20. Can foreigners sign up for mobile money?


Foreigners can enroll for this service after submitting valid documents as per defined KYC list.

21. Is there a minimum deposit that I have to make while opening the account?



22. Is there an account opening fee?



23. Can I reverse payment if I made it to the wrong mobile number?


In such a case, we regret to inform you that we cannot take any request for reversal of your incorrect transaction. We suggest that you to speak to the recipient and request them to refund the amount to your account.

24. How can I get my account details changed or modified?


Customers need to submit a written request to authorised M-Pesa agent / store along with self-attested proof of identity.

What details do I need to provide while calling customer care for query regarding a particular transaction?


You need to provide the transaction ID for the specific transaction.

Are there any limits on value and number of transactions that can be made daily/monthly?


Maximum value of transaction is Rs. 50000 per day and Rs. 100,000 per month for a Full KYC Wallet. In case of Instant account, the transaction limits would be Rs.10,000 per day and Rs.20,000 per month.

How will I be informed when my Mobile Money Account gets credited or debited?


You will always get a confirmation SMS after every transaction. In case you don't receive one please check your transaction history in USSD and if that it is also not updated with details of your transaction, please call our customer care at *345# from your registered mobile number.

In how much time will the beneficiary get the money?


If the transfer is made via IMPS then funds are transferred instantly. If the transfer is made via NEFT then a minimum of 2-3 hours, subject to NEFT time-lines.

The agent took my cash but I didn’t receive any SMS confirming the deposit


There might be a network delay which may have affected the response time of the SMS. Please check your account balance after some time. If your account balance does not get updated & and you do not receive any SMS as well, call the customer support from the store itself. Do not leave the store until you get the confirmation through any of the two options mentioned above.

What is Full Account ?


Full Account is openloop prepaid account. As you meet our documentation guidelines and your KYC is successfully verified by ICICI Bank , your account is automatically updated to a Full Account and you can avail all the services offered by Mobile Money like cash withdrawal , fund transfer , DTH Recharge , Bill Payments, Deposit Money

How can I get my Mobile Money Account details changed or modified?


Customers need to submit an account modification request at authorized Mobile money outlet along with self attested Proof of Identity.

Do I get any alert when money is transferred?


Yes, you will get an alert over SMS on your mobile phone with details of the fund transfer.

What should I do if I change my mobile number for Mobile Money?


You have to submit a request to change the mobile number at authorized Mobile Money outlet. It is a must to have an active Aircel number to avail Mobile Money services.

What if my verification failed?


If your verification fails because of lack of documentation, we will intimate you and you may need to re-submit all documents.

Do I have to pay the entire bill amount?


This will depend upon the biller. You can make a payment in full or in part depending upon whether the biller provides you with that facility.

What if I forget my MPIN?


If you forget your MPIN you can call the customer care at *345# from your registered mobile number and request them to reset your MPIN. After required authentication your MPIN would be reset.

What do I do if I want to close my Mobile Money Account?


For closing the account you need to visit any authorized Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money agent and submit the account modification form with a closure request. Only after due verification your account closure request will be considered.

What if I have not used my account after opening it?


If you have not used your account for continuous 6 months then your account would be declared dormant . However customers will receive two SMS, one 15 days and other 2 days prior their dormancy date informing them about dormancy. Please note Rs.10 per month would be charged on your account if it is dormant.

I am not an ICICI bank account holder can I still use this facility?


Yes, you can all you have to do is visit your nearest authorized Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money Agent and register for Mobile Money

I do not have full documents with me, What if I am not able to provide full documentation at time of registration?


In case that you are not able to submit documents at the time of registration you can still use the services offered under Instant account. Later you can visit the same Mobile Money agent, and provide him with the required documents. Post successful KYC by ICICI Bank, your account will be updated to Full Account.

What is the Call Centre number at which I can call for Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money?


Aircel subscribers can call on 345 to reach customer care. Calls to *345# will be Toll Free. You may reach our Call Center using any other mobile connection on 7373000345. Calls to 7373000345 will be charged as per your existing tariff.

Can I pay for someone else's bills?


Yes, you can pay for anyone else.

Get to know M-Pesa


1. What is M-Pesa?


ICICI Bank and MCSL, a Vodafone group company, jointly present ‘M-Pesa’ a mobile money transfer service. This is an exclusive service for Vodafone subscribers. On applying for M-Pesa, customers get a mobile wallet issued by MCSL called ‘MCSL Wallet’ and also a Mobile Money Account with ICICI Bank. The Wallet and the Mobile Money Account are inter-operable and allow movement of money between both accounts seamlessly.

2. Who is a Registered User?


Registered M-Pesa users are customers who have a SIM on which they are registered at agents store and sign the terms and conditions document for the M-Pesa services and can do transactions via IVR/ USSD. They need a PIN to access their M-Pesa account. Money is received in M-Pesa account and the customers can withdraw it any time and in any amount. M-Pesa customers can do all transactions like sending money, withdraw, buy airtime, change PIN etc. 

3. Who is an Unregistered User?


Unregistered M-Pesa users are customers who are not registered for the M-Pesa services and cannot do transactions via IVR/ USSD. They may be subscribers of Vodafone or any another mobile operator. They can withdraw money only if the voucher code received via SMS along with identity proof is available.

4. What can I do with M-Pesa?


You can send money to family and friends, recharge prepaid connection, pay postpaid bills, pay utility bills, pay for your shopping and much more with M-Pesa.

5. Who can use M-Pesa?


It can be used by Vodafone prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers as well as any subscribers of other operators in India.

6. Do I need a GPRS enabled handset or a smart phone?


No. M-Pesa works on any mobile model/ handset. You do not need GPRS or a data plan. You just have to dial *400# and you will be able to use the menu.

7. Can anybody apply for M-Pesa? Can I have multiple accounts?


Any Indian resident who is 18 years and above can apply for M-Pesa. One person can have only one M-Pesa Account in his or her name.

8. What can I give as KYC documents for M-Pesa Account registration?


We need a documentary proof of your identity, address, a coloured passport size photograph and signature. Please bring the originals of proof of identity and address to the agent store for verification. This can be obtained from one document (Passport or Driving Licence) or through a combination of documents listed below PAN Card/ Voter's ID/ Valid ID cards from government departments/ marriage certificate/ utility bills (Electricity/ telephone)/ gas connection book/ municipal corporation bill/ letter from Housing Society (Only for the owners)/ Registered leave and Licence agreement (for tenants)/ credit card bill/ bank account statement (not older than three months)/ bank pass book/ wealth or income or sales or Service Tax Assessment order/ Life insurance premium receipt/ Registered Sale deed (for owners) and others.

9. Where all can I use M-Pesa?


Presently, you can use M-Pesa at all our Vodafone stores and authorised M-Pesa agents across all states in India.

10. Can I get a chequebook or account statement for my M-Pesa Account?


No. You will not get any cheque book for M-Pesa Account. You can get your last 5 transactions by dialing *400#. You can also call our Customer Care and request for a detailed account statement.

11. Can I visit ICICI Bank branch or ATM for accessing M-Pesa Account?


No. You can access your account directly through your mobile phone by dialing *400#.

12. I already have an ICICI Bank Account. Can I apply for M-Pesa Account?


Yes, you can apply for M-Pesa Account. As M-Pesa is a separate account from your ICICI Bank Account, you need to submit fresh set of documents for KYC and register for M-Pesa Account.

13. What is the maximum amount that I can hold as balance?


Maximum balance at any time for an M-Pesa Account is Rs. 1,00,000 for a KYC compliant customer.

14. What is maximum amount of cash that I can deposit in my account?


The maximum amount that you can deposit per day is Rs. 50,000 for KYC compliant customer.

15. What is the maximum amount that I can spend?


You can spend a maximum of Rs. 5,000 per transaction from your M-Pesa Account.

16. What is the maximum amount that I can send?


You can send a maximum of Rs. 5,000 per transaction to another M-Pesa customer. However, the sum total of money spent and sent in a particular day cannot exceed Rs. 50,000 for KYC compliant customer.

17. What is the minimum amount that I can send?


The minimum amount you can send at a time is Re. 1.

18. Is there a minimum balance requirement?


No, there is no minimum balance requirement. A customer is charged inactivity charges of Rs. 50 + GST if the account is inactive for a period of six months which is based on transactions you do.

What is M-Pesa Bill Payment?


1. What is the M-Pesa bill payment?


M-Pesa bill payment is a service that allows you to pay your postpaid bill or that of any other postpaid customer. In addition you can pay for other utility services like DTH, electricity bills, insurance premium payments etc. The service can be accessed through an USSD /IVR.

2. What should I do to activate M-Pesa bill payment?


You do not need to activate the bill payment service separately. As long as you have an active M-Pesa account, you can start using the bill payment service.

3. What are the charges to activate the service?


No activation charges will be levied for this service.

4. Is M-Pesa bill payment service a safe and secure platform for transactions?


M-Pesa bill payment adheres to the highest security standards and is at par with any financial transaction platforms available globally. Your financial information is completely protected from misuse and hence, it is very secure.

5. Can some other Vodafone postpaid customer be able to pay my Vodafone postpaid bill through M-Pesa?


Yes. Any Vodafone postpaid customer who has activated M-Pesa service and has sufficient balance in his account can pay your postpaid bill.

6. Will I be charged anything for using M-Pesa bill payment services?


No. You will not be charged anything for using this service. This service is designed and developed within Vodafone and it comes to you absolutely free.

7. How will I know that my transaction is successful and my bill payment is done?


As soon as your transaction is completed, you will get an SMS confirming whether your transaction is successful or declined.

8. How long would it take for my bill payment to reflect on your system?


Postpaid bill payment transactions will reflect in your account within 4 hours.

9. Whom should I contact if my bill payment does not take place?


In case, your transaction is not successful, you can contact our Customer Care on 55400, our Customer Care Executives will be happy to help you.

10. What happens in case I enter a wrong Vodafone postpaid mobile number for bill payment?


In case, you enter a wrong Vodafone postpaid mobile number while doing your transaction, you may contact our Call Center. If the funds are not utilised the same can be reversed.

11. Can I use this service while roaming nationally and internationally?


Yes. You can only use M-Pesa bill payment service as long as you are roaming on the Vodafone network in India. Currently, it will not work on international networks. However, we will keep you informed when we launch this service on international networks as well.

12. If I pay for another number, then where will the transaction feature? Will it show in both the accounts?


In our billing systems, the transaction will only feature in the account for which you have made the bill payment.

13. The confirmation SMS hits which number? The customer who is paying or the account for which it has been paid?


On successful completion of the payment a confirmation SMS will be sent to the customer who is making the payment. In addition, the customer on whose behalf you have made the payment will also receive an SMS from Vodafone confirming the same.

14. Are there any limits on the amount I can transact for making bill payment on M-Pesa bill payment?


Yes, there are limits. Please refer to Limits section for the same.

15. Can I pay the bill for a suspended Vodafone mobile number?


Yes, in case, of a temporary suspension of a mobile number you can recharge or pay the bill for the same. However, if the mobile number is permanently disconnected it will feature as an invalid mobile number on the menu.

16. What is the size of the application?


It works on a USSD platform and it does not take any space of your handset.

In how much time receiver will get the money?


Minimum of 2-3 hours, this would be subject to NEFT timelines.

How is the fund transferred through this service?


Fund transfer is initiated by the Oxigen e-Paisa agent, after which the system would first check if the bank of beneficiary accepts the transfer via IMPS. If yes, then the transfer is made via IMPS and customer would get an instant confirmation of the transaction on SMS and if not, then the request would be placed via NEFT and the customer would get the confirmation on SMS depending on the NEFT cycle.

How many times can a new OTC be requested for a particular transaction in a day?


A new OTC can be requested only 3 times for a particular transaction ID in a day.

I am not a Tata Docomo customer, can I transfer money?


Yes, you can transfer money, provided that you have an active mobile connection (irrespective of the operator).