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Bill Payment

1. What is m-pesa Bill Payment?

m-pesa Bill Payment is a service that allows you to pay your own Vodafone Post-paid Bill or that of any Vodafone Post-paid customer within the same circle. In addition you can pay for other utility services like DTH, electricity bills, insurance premium payments etc. The service can be accessed through an USSD /IVR.


2. What should I do to activate m-pesa Bill Payment?

You don't need to activate the Bill Payment service separately, as long as you have an active m-pesa Account, you can start using the Bill Payment service.


3. What are the charges to activate the service?

No activation charge will be levied for this service.


4. Is m-pesa Bill Payment service a safe and secure platform for transactions?

m-pesa Bill Payment adheres to the highest security standards and is at par with any financial transaction platforms available globally. Your financial information is completely protected from misuse and hence, it is very secure.


5. Can some other Vodafone Post-paid customer be able to pay my Vodafone Post-paid bill through m-pesa?

Yes. Any Vodafone Post-paid customer who has activated m-pesa service and has sufficient balance in his account can pay your post-paid bill.


6. Will I be charged anything for using m-pesa Bill Payment services?

No. You will not be charged anything for using this service. This service is designed and developed within Vodafone and it comes to you absolutely free.


7. How will I know that my transaction is successful and my bill payment is done?

As soon as your transaction is completed, you will get an SMS confirming if your transaction is successful or declined.


8. How much time will it take for my bill payment to reflect on your system?

Post-paid bill payment transactions will reflect in your account within 4 hours.


9. Whom should I contact if my bill payment does not take place?

In case, your transaction is not successful, you can contact our Customer Care on 55400, our Customer Care Executives will be happy to help you.


10. What happens in case I enter a wrong mobile number for bill payment?

In case, you enter a wrong mobile number while doing your transaction, we regret to inform you that, as of now the payment will not be reversed.


11. Can I use this service while roaming Nationally and Internationally?

Yes. You can only use m-pesa Bill Payment service as long as you are roaming on Vodafone network in India. Currently, it will not work on International networks. However, we will keep you informed when we launch this service on International networks as well.


12. If I pay for another number, then where will the transaction feature?

Will it show in both the accounts? In our billing systems, the transaction will only feature in the account for which you have made the bill payment.


13. The confirmation SMS hits which number? The customer who is paying or the account for which it has been paid?

On successful completion of the payment a confirmation SMS will be sent to the customer who is making the payment. In addition, the customer on whose behalf you have made the payment will also receive an SMS from Vodafone confirming the same.


14. Are there any limits on the amount I can transact for making bill payment on m-pesa Bill Payment?

Yes, there are limits. You can use up to Rs.5,000 per transaction, per day.


15. Can I pay bill for a suspended Vodafone Mobile Number?

Yes, in case, of a temporary suspension of a mobile number you can recharge or pay bill for the same.


However, if the mobile number is permanently disconnected it will feature as an invalid mobile number on the menu.


16. What is the size of the application?

It works on a USSD platform and it does not take any space of your handset.