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Security & privacy

1. Is m-pesa safe and secure?

When you register for m-pesa, you will set your confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN). PIN is required to authorise all your transactions and to get any account information. The PIN is not stored anywhere on the phone or at any server. The transmission between you and the server is highly secure and is done using encryption mechanism ensuring highest safety and security standards. The PIN is known to the m-pesa Account holder only. Even people at Vodafone or at the Bank do not have access to your PIN as it is stored in our system in an encrypted format. Your money will always be safe even if you have accidently lost your phone, so long as you have not disclosed your PIN to anyone.


2. When should I set my PIN?

As soon as your registration is completed, you will receive an SMS confirming the same. You should immediately change the default PIN to a number of your choice.


3. How do I protect my PIN?

Please keep your PIN secret and do not share it with anyone. We will never call you for your PIN or ask for it when you call us. In case, you feel your PIN has been compromised any time, please reset it to a number of your choice or call Customer support to have it reset.


4. I forgot my PIN. What should I do?

Please call Customer support to have it reset. You will be sent a temporary PIN via SMS after necessary verification. You need to change this PIN within 48 hours in order to use the service.


5. Will I be informed when my account gets credited or debited?

Yes. A confirmation SMS will be sent whenever a transaction is processed from your account.


6. Can my account get locked? What should I do?

Yes, if we detect suspicious activity on your account, we may sometimes lock the account. This is largely to protect your money.