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How does Oxigen e-Paisa service work?

You can use it in simple steps:

Step-1 : Register & Activate: Walk into the nearest authorised Oxigen e-Paisa outlet and ask the agent that you wish to enroll for Oxigen e-Paisa service. Complete the Enrollment process by providing your full name, complete address, your active mobile number etc

Step-2 : Add beneficiary: After enrollment, you need to provide details of the beneficiary bank account like beneficiary name, beneficiary's correct account number, beneficiary bank IFSC code/ location of the beneficiary bank etc. You will get a One Time Code (OTC), on your registered mobile as a text message, which you need to share with the Oxigen e-Paisa agent so that the required beneficiary can be added.

Step-3 : Deposit Cash: Hand over the cash to the Oxigen e-Paisa agent for transfer of the same to the required beneficiary's bank account. The Oxigen e-Paisa agent would initiate the money transfer transaction, based on which you would receive another One Time Code (OTC) which needs to be shared with the Oxigen e-Paisa agent. The Oxigen Outlet retailer would enter the same in the system to complete the transaction. You would then receive a text message on your registered mobile number with the transaction ID, amount transferred etc.