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How do I get a refund of the remitted money in case the amount is not credited to the account as per details given by me for Oxigen e-Paisa?

For this you need to follow steps mentioned:

  • You will get as SMS intimation for a failed transaction with the transaction number.
  • Please visit any authorised Oxigen e-Paisa agent at his outlet and provide your mobile number
  • The Oxigen e-Paisa agent would check the status of the transaction and inform you about the failed transaction along with reason for failure.
  • You can either re-initiate the transaction (in cases where failure is due the technical reason like the internet connection was not working etc.) or ask for a refund of the amount in cash.
  • Based on your reply, the Oxigen e-Paisa agent would either initiate the request for refund of transaction amount or re-initiate the original transaction.
  • For completion of either of the two you would then receive an OTC on your registered mobile number.
  • Provide this OTC to Oxigen e-Paisa agent, he would enter the same in the system to process your request and return you cash amount equivalent to the failed transaction value or complete the request for transfer of funds