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My UPI transaction has been failed. How has my bank account been debited?


In case of failed transactions, the money (if debited) will be credited to your account instantly. In case of timed out transactions, amount will be settled to the beneficiary account or debit account within two working days.

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How long does it take for the money to get credited into the beneficiary account?


For successful UPI transactions, funds get credited into the beneficiary's account instantaneously.

What is the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) transaction limit?


For ICICI Bank, account limits will be decided as per the bank’s policy. Bank may change the transaction limits for UPI under National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) upper limits as per the bank’s policy. The upper limit mandated by NPCI is Rs 1 lakh per transaction and Rs 1 lakh cumulative transaction value. A maximum of 10 transactions can be initiated in 24 hours from the first transaction.

Are there any charges for transactions done using UPI?


Currently there are no charges for transactions done through UPI. There may be revisions on charges from time to time.

What is UPI?


Unified Payment Interface (UPI) enables all bank account holders (of banks participating in UPI) to send and receive money from their smartphones with a single identifier (the virtual payment address) without entering any additional bank account information. UPI can also be used to pay merchants who accept UPI as a payment mode.

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Why is my UPI transaction failing?


There are various reasons for a UPI transaction faliure:

  1. The system would be down
  2. Wrong UPI PIN
  3. Incorrect beneficiary UPI ID
  4. If the receiver is not on Bharat Interface for Money

I have 2 accounts with ICICI Bank, do I need separate virtual payment addresses for each of these accounts?


You have the choice of either linking both accounts to a single VPA. In this scenario, please ensure you appropriately tag which account you would like to use as the default account to debit and which account you would like to use as the default account to credit. Alternatively, you can assign a separate VPA for each account.

How can I generate a VPA?


If you are an ICICI Bank customer, you can either download iMobile or Pockets. You can assign a VPA to your ICICI Bank account in the "UPI" section of iMobile or the "UPI" section in Pockets.

If you are a Non ICICI Bank customer, download Pockets, register yourself and navigate to the UPI section. Under the UPI Section, navigate to "Add My Bank Accounts". Here, you can choose a VPA and then link bank accounts that you hold with other banks.

My send money transaction is failing. Please help!


To avoid transaction failures -

  1. Ensure that the UPI PIN is entered correctly
  2. If the receiver is not on Bharat Interface for Money choose to pay via IFSC instead of mobile number

What is an UPI PIN?


UPI PIN (UPI Personal Identification Number) is a 4-6 digit secret code you create/set during first time registration with this App.You have to enter this UPI PIN to authorise all bank transactions. If you have already set up an UPI PIN with other UPI Apps you can use the same on Bharat Interface for Money.

Note - Banks issued MPIN is different from the UPI PIN. Please generate a new UPI-PIN in the Bharat Interface for Money app.

Important - Please do not share your UPI PIN with anyone. Bharat Interface for Money does not store or read your UPI PIN details and your bank's customer support will never ask for it.

What if I lose my phone?


If you lose your phone, the UPI PIN required to authorise all transactions will not be known to a third person and hence they will not be able to use Bharat Interface for Money. In addition, please contact our customer support at your bank.

How can I transfer money using a VPA?


In iMobile

  1. Login to iMobile and click on UPI.
  2. Click on UPI and then choose "Pay with Virtual Payment Address"
  3. Enter the details of the beneficiary VPA, amount and remarks. If you have multiple accounts/virtual payment addresses, you can choose the VPA you would like to debit. Click on Submit
  4. Please review the next screen carefully to ensure you have filled all details correctly.
  5. Grid card details is not required if customer is transact up to amount INR 25,000.

In Pockets

  1. Login to Pockets mobile application and click on UPI.
  2. Click on "Send Money using VPA (UPI)".
  3. Fill out the details on the screen such as beneficiary VPA, amount and remarks. If you have multiple accounts/virtual payment addresses, you can choose the VPA you would like to debit. Click on Submit.
  4. Please review the next screen carefully to ensure you have filled all details correctly.

When sending money using UPI, how do I come to know that my account is debited and the money has been credited in the beneficiary's account?


You will get an SMS on your registered mobile number on successful completion of the UPI transaction.

Are there any charges for using Bharat Interface for Money?


There are no charges for making a transaction through Bharat Interface for Money.

Note - Your bank might however levy a nominal charge as UPI or IMPS transfer fee. Please check with your bank for more details.

Can I transfer money abroad using UPI?


You cannot transfer money abroad using UPI.

How do I set my UPI-PIN with the bank directly?


You will be able to set your UPI PIN through any other UPI enable Bank app.

What is a Virtual Payment Address (VPA)?


"Virtual Payment Address" is an identifier (that takes a form of abc@icici wherein "abc" is a unique name that you can choose for yourself) that can be uniquely mapped to an individual account using a translation service. UPI services of ICICI Bank offers customers the option to create any number of virtual addresses so that they can use the virtual address for making and receiving payments.

How are you getting all my bank a/c information?


This is a feature of the UPI payment platform (built by NPCI- an RBI regulated entity). The UPI platform retrieves the accounts details linked with your mobile number in a masked manner i.e. Bharat Interface for Money can't see all the details. This exchange is done over secure banking networks and we don't store or ever use it.

If I have any issue with UPI transactions, how can I raise a complaint?


You have the option to either call us or raise a complaint within the mobile application itself. In Pockets, you can navigate to "UPI Related Query" in the "UPI" section and raise a query. In iMobile, you can navigate to "Contact Us" and click on "Register a complaint regarding UPI". Please give us the following details to enable us to assist you faster:
Transaction ID
Your virtual payment address
Beneficiary virtual payment address (in case of pay) or remitter virtual payment address (in case of collect)
Date and Time of transaction

What if I change my handset?


If you change your handset, you will need to:

  1. Download the Bharat Interface for Money app again
  2. Login with your mobile number and password
  3. Allow Bharat Interface for Money to verify you for security. After verification your account will be restored.

Can I use UPI on Pockets app?


Yes. One can use UPI to send and receive money via pockets

What is Bharat Interface for Money?


Bharat Interface for Money is an app that lets you make quick and easy payment transactions using UPI. You will not have to fill-out tedious bank account details. You can easily make direct bank to bank payments and instantly collect money using just the Mobile number or the Payment Address.

What is the advantage of UPI Funds transfer over other fund transfer mechanisms?


The service is instant and available 24X7, even on public/bank holidays. Customers can transfer funds in simple steps by providing the virtual payment address of the beneficiary. Also, there is no pre - registration required for the beneficiary.

In UPI, how do I link my other bank accounts in ICICI Bank mobile applications?

  1. Please ensure that the mobile number linked to your Pockets mobile application is the same as the mobile number registered with the bank whose account you woul’d like to link.
  2. In Pockets mobile application, navigate to the UPI screen by clicking on “UPI” on the home screen. Then navigate to "Manage" tab then click on "Add My bank accounts".
  3. Choose your VPA. You can use your existing VPA if you have already created one or create a new one.
  4. On the next screen, search for and choose the bank hold an account with.
  5. The next page should list the bank accounts held with the chosen bank and linked to the same mobile number
  6. Choose the account you would like to add. If you already have an UPI PIN, choose the option "Use Existing UPI PIN" and enter your UPI PIN associated with this bank account to complete the linking process
  7. Alternatively, choose the option "UPI PIN". Enter your Debit Card details as directed on the next screen. You should have received an OTP from your bank at this point. Enter the OTP and also customer has to put his ATM pin as well for set UPI PIN
  8. Choose your UPI PIN for this account. This UPI PIN will be used in the future for every transaction that you make on this account. Ensure you don’t reveal this UPI PIN to anyone else.
  9. When your Debit Card details are validated with your bank, your account will be linked instantly to Pockets mobile application
  10. Currently, linking of other bank accounts is not supported in iMobile

Can I link my NRE/NRO Accounts in Pockets under UPI?


Currently, you will not be able to link NRE/NRO accounts under UPI.

Can I send money to a friend not registered on Bharat Interface for Money?


Yes. Payment can be made via IFSC/ Account number or MMID/ Mobile number, if the person is not registered on Bharat Interface for Money.

Will you ever auto-deduct payments from my account?


We will not auto deduct payments from your account.

What is a Payment Address?


Payment Address is an Address which uniquely identifies a person's bank account. For instance, the Payment Address for Bharat Interface for Money customers is in the format xyz@upi. You can just share your Payment Address with anyone to receive payments (no need for bank account number/ IFSC code, etc.). You can also send money to anyone by using their Payment Address.

Note - Do not share your confidential UPI PIN with anyone.

What are the timings for initiating and receiving UPI transactions?


UPI services are available 24 hours of the day, all days of the week, throughout the year. There are no holiday restrictions on UPI transactions.

Is the beneficiary also required to register for UPI?


Yes, the beneficiary needs to download a PSP app and register for a VPA. They need to communicate this VPA to you to initiate a transaction.