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During activation it is asking for 'Activation Code', how do I get the activation code?


For activation, the application will need a 10-digit one-time activation code. You can get this activation code by sending the SMS "imobile iphone" to 5676766.

Which OS version of iPhone is compatibile for the iMobile application?


iMobile application is compatable with iOS 3.0 & iOS 4.0 versions.

I have tried the option as mentioned above but still I am not able to find the application in iTunes?


Please change the country name to 'India' in your iTunes profile before carrying out the steps mentioned. (iMobile application is available for the resident Indian customers only).

Can I use iMobile on iPhone?



Does ICICI Bank charge for providing the activation code?


ICICI Bank does not charge for generating or providing the activation code. However, operator charges for data and SMS usage may be applicable.

Can I download iMobile on my iPhone by typing the url http://mobile.icicibank.com/dl ?


You cannot download the iMobile application by typing the URL in your iPhone browser. iMobile needs to be downloaded from iTunes.

How can I download iMobile application on my iPhone?


You can download the iMobile application on iPhone through iTunes.

Where in iTunes can I find the iMobile application?


You can find iMobile under the 'free applications' section in the 'Finance' category. If you are not able to find it, then please key in 'icicibank iMobile' in the 'search' box and press enter. The application will be shown.

If I have two iPhones, will I be able to operate my account from both the iPhones?


No, you cannot operate your account from both the iPhones. In order to operate your account from the second iPhone, follow the steps given below:

Deactivate iMobile application from your first iPhone by following the steps:
1.Login >> Go to Services >> Deactivate or Call up the call center to deactivate
2.Activate the application in your second iPhone. In order to do so, you have to request for activation code by sending an SMS "imobile iphone" to 5676766.

What are the charges for this download?


ICICI Bank does not charge for download, activation & usage of iMobile. However, operator charges for data and SMS usage may be applicable.