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iTrack Mobile App

What is PIN?


It is a 4 digit numeric password set by the user to prevent unauthorised usage of the application.

How do I find iTrack in iMobile?


iTrack function is available in the main menu on the dashboard screen of iMobile in the top left hand corner of iMobile screen.

Are any charges applicable?


This mobile application is free to use. However, standard data charges are applicable for GPRS / EDGE usage.

How to download iTrack Mobile app?


Please SMS iMobile to 5676766 and download the app from the link you receive in the SMS or visit the Playstore / iTunes / Windows store and search for iMobile to download the application to your mobile phones or your tablets.

How do I search for my dispatch status?


You can select and enter any one of the following criteria to search for your dispatch status -

  1. Account Number - you can enter either your Savings Account number/Current Account Number/ Loan Account number/ Demat Account Number.
  2. Airway Bill Number - Bank will send you an SMS with the Airwaybill number, if applicable.

What is First attempt date?


It is the date when the courier attempts a delivery to your communication address for the first time. Courier may attempt for delivery again to the dispatch addressafter some days.

What if I forget my iTrack Mobile app PIN?


You can reset your PIN by answering your security question set by you at the first launch of the application. In case you forget your answer, you can still change your PIN, but all previous search data will be erased from the phone.

What if I am unable to find my delivery information?


You can contact Customer Care by clicking on the customer care icon. Select the number according to your nearby city.

Important Note


Status of the most recent 5 deliverables dispatched in the past 90 days can be tracked through the mobile application.


There may be a lag in updating the delivery information from couriers. Most recent information available in the system will be displayed to you.


Currently only Airway bill number based search is availabe for tracking the status for Memorandum of deposit ( fixed deposit) and TDS ( tax deducted at source) certificate.


In case a deliverable is dispatched through post, stage will be displayed as "Dispatch through post" only. No further status will be available / updated.

What is the meaning of the Various Status?


Stage Name : Shipment dispatched

Your deliverable has been dispatched from ICICI Bank via Courier/ Post.


Stage Name : In-Transit, Awaiting Delivery information

Your deliverable is in transit. Awaiting detailed information from dispatch agency.


Stage Name : Shipment Delivered

Your shipment has been delivered to the given address / Branch. Details of the delivery have been displayed in the application.


Stage Name : Contact Customer care or Nearest ICICI Bank Branch

Contact Customer Care centre or Nearest ICICI Bank Branch for further details of your deliveries.


Stage Name : Undelivered, Returned to Bank

Your Shipment was not delivered after multiple attempts and has been returned to ICICI Bank. Kindly contact Customer Care or nearest ICICI Bank Branch to place a re-dispatch request.

What is the meaning of the various icons present at the bottom of the screen?


Search icon - Open search screen.

History icon - View previously searched deliverable status.

Favourites icon - View deliveries set as Favourite.

Help icon - Displays common customer queries and other useful information for app usage.

Contact Customer Care icon - Displays customer care email-id & list of customer care phone numbers.