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Money Coach

Does Money Coach charge a fee for its services?


No, Money Coach does not charge anything for its services. Normal mutual fund commissions charges are levied on users.

How do I update my nominee details?

  1. For New Folio, nominee details entered on Nomination screen will get updated.
  2. Nominee details in existing folio cannot be changed by adding different Nominee while executing transaction through Integra/portal/Money Coach/tab. Existing nominee in folio only will reflect.

How do I edit or stop my monthly SIP?


You can stop your ongoing SIP from Systematic Transactions screen or Fund Details screen of respective fund.

What is Money Coach?


Money Coach is an online mutual fund transaction and financial management platform. Below are the 5 main features of Money Coach which are distributed amongst 5 dashboards:

  1. Mutual Fund Investments: Money Coach provides automated, algorithm-based portfolio management advice for Mutual Funds to all ICICI Bank customers.
  2. Financial Health: A quantitative model analyses your financial behavior to generate the Financial Health report and assists you in improving your financial health through innovative tools.
  3. My Goals: Money Coach provides a platform for creating goals and supports the goals with automated investment advisory. The real-time investment suggestions assists you to stay on track to achieve your goals.

When can I place order?


Once you get registered, you can place order at anytime if sufficient funds are available in your account.

Can I invest in funds other than the ones suggested by Money Coach?


Yes, we have the option of Do-it-yourself investments where you can do advanced search.

How is Emergency Funds calculated?


Your Current Savings is divided by Target Emergency Fund to calculate the percentage target completion:

  1. Current Savings: This is your current savings which includes your Savings Account balance, Fixed Deposit balance and Mutual Fund investments.
  2. Target emergency Funds: This is the total of all debit transactions in your account for a time period of 6 months excluding the ones which have gone towards investments.

Can I transact on a holiday?

You can place a request even on a holiday, however, your request will be processed on the following business day and the NAV would be applicable as defined in the Mutual Fund's Offer Document.

How can I redeem Mutual Funds through the platform?

  1. You can redeem a fund by choosing Sell on Fund details screen of respective fund.
  2. Enter all or Partial amount/ units of the selected scheme and execute the transactions present on the cart.
  3. The transaction will be processed within 2-4 days as per the scheme TAT and the redemption proceedings will be credited directly into your Registered Savings Bank account.

What is the commission that ICICI Bank earns when I purchase funds and where I can view this information?


ICICI Bank earns commission for the sale of funds and this information is displayed in the ‘Commissions’ link on the Order Confirmation page, before you authorize any transaction.

How does My Goals work?


My Goals is a goal planning platform using which you can create, invest & track your goals. Below are the main features of My Goal:

  1. Create Goal: Create your goal by defining the target amount and target date.
  2. Suggested Portfolio: We suggest a portfolio which will assist you in achieving your goal basis you risk profile, goal target & goal tenure.
  3. Rebalancing Suggestions: Whenever your portfolio goes off track, we provide real time suggestions which will assist you in reaching your goal on time.
  4. Tag Existing Investment: This helps you to tag your existing investments and fixed deposits to your goals.

How Money Coach suggests a portfolio in My Goals?


Following are the steps of Portfolio creation:

  1. Risk Profiling: On the basis of answers of 5 Questions, you will be assigned a Risk Profile.
  2. Goal Creation: You will create a goal by defining the Goal Amount & Goal Tenure.
  3. Asset Allocation: On the basis of selected Risk Profile, Goal Amount & Goal Tenure, asset allocation is computed.
  4. Suggested Portfolio: Once the asset allocation is done, category-wise allocation is computed and 1-2 schemes per each category is suggested

Is there a minimum investment to start investing through Money Coach?


There is no minimum investment limit to start investing through Money Coach. You can start with amounts as low as Rs.100 depending on the fund house & scheme you want to invest it. However to invest in a suggested portfolio, you will be shown a portfolio with some minimum investment value depending upon your Risk Profile.

  1. For systematic investments, the minimum investments value ranges from 5000 to 10,000.
  2. For one-time portfolio, this amount varies from 33000 to 67000.

How is EMI Servicing Capability calculated?


Your Average Monthly EMIs is divided by your Average Monthly Income to calculate your EMI Servicing Capability. This is then compared with that of People like you to give you a final rank:

  1. Average Monthly EMIs: This is the average monthly EMI payment of your loans.
  2. Average Monthly Income: This is the average monthly credit transactions in your ICICI Bank account. Any significantly large value transaction is removed to smoothen the data.

In how many days I will get confirmation of portfolio updation?

  1. For liquid funds: It takes upto 2 days to show updated portfolio.
  2. For non-liquid funds: It takes upto 4 days show updated portfolio.

How is Spends Ratio calculated?


Your Average Monthly Spends is divided by your Average Monthly Income to calculate your Spend Ratio which is the portion of your income which you end up spending. Your Spend Ratio is then compared with that of People like you to give you a final rank:

  1. Average Monthly Spends: This is average monthly spends made from your ICICI Bank account excluding the ones which have gone towards investments or EMIs for home loans & car loans. Any significantly large value transaction is also removed to smoothen the data.
  2. Average Monthly Income: This is the average monthly credit transactions in your ICICI Bank account. Any significantly large value transaction is removed to smoothen the data.

Where do I see Rebalancing Suggestions for My Mutual Fund Investments?


If you already have a portfolio and have a rebalancing suggestion, they you will see a ‘Rebalancing Suggestion’ on the My Mutual Fund Investments dashboard as a floating message. On clicking on this message, you will be taken to ‘Rebalancing Screen’ where you will be shown following types of recommendations if applicable:

  1. Buy
  2. Buy More
  3. Start SIP
  4. Stop SIP
  5. Sell

Rebalancing will be done on real-time basis as soon as user lands on this screen. Advice of Sell will come only after checking Tax-impact & exit loads. Algorithm will always try to match Buy amount with Sell amount (& Start SIP with Stop SIP) and realign the current portfolio to suggested allocation without putting in extra amount. If there is no rebalancing suggestion in your portfolio, then the floating message of Rebalancing Suggestion will not be present in your My Mutual Fund Investments dashboard.

What types of transactions can I do through this platform?

  1. Buy
  2. SIP
  3. FIP
  4. Sell
  5. Switch
  6. STP
  7. SWP
  8. Stop SIP
  9. Stop FIP
  10. Stop STP
  11. top SWP

What happens to a fund which is untagged from a goal?


When you untag any fund it will stop featuring the My Goals section but you can continue to see those investments in the My Mutual Fund Investments section.

What is a Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) and how does it work?


A Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) allows you to transfer a fixed amount/ no. of units into another scheme of the same fund house, as per STP dates defined by the AMC. The units transferred, will reflect in your portfolio in T+3 days from the date of transfer.

How can I change my address, registered bank account or nominee details?

  1. For any changes to your Investment Account information like address, bank account etc., you need to contact the nearest ICICI Bank branch and provide a written request to get the changes done.
  2. For investment accounts in joint pattern any change in nominee details for your Mutual Fund investments, can be done by contacting the respective AMCs directly or you can get in touch with your Relationship Manager.
  3. For investment accounts in single pattern, nominee details can be changed at the time of Investment, by entering the relevant details on the cart.

What is Financial Health?


A quantitative model analyses all the transactions available in your ICICI Bank account to generate the Financial Health report card. It evaluates your Financial Health on the below parameters and Rank you as either Good, Average or At Risk:

  1. Emergency Funds: This measures whether you have sufficient savings to take care of your expenses for 6 months, in event of you losing your primary source of income.
  2. Spends Ratio: This ranks you on your spending behavior by comparing you with People like you.
  3. Credit Card Health: This ranks you on your credit card spending and repayment behavior by comparing you with People like you.
  4. EMI Servicing Capability: This ranks you on your exposure to debt by comparing you with People like you.

How do I delete my goals?


Click on Edit action button on the Goal Details screen to delete your goals

What all investment options are available to a first time customer?


If you are a first time customer then we suggest a portfolio basis your Risk Profile, you can also make an investment as per your choice. Below are the 4 investment options:

  1. One Time: We suggest you a lump sum portfolio where you make a one-time investment in a basket of funds. You can also edit the suggested portfolio or invest in the funds of your choice by clicking on Skip Suggestions.
  2. Monthly: We suggest you a SIP portfolio where you invest small amount of money every month. You can also edit the suggested portfolio or invest in the funds of your choice by clicking on Skip Suggestions.
  3. Tax Saving: You input the amount which you want to invest in tax saving mutual funds and we distribute it amongst our suggested tax savings fund, you invest the same at a click of a button.
  4. Do-It-Yourself (DIY): This section has Search Funds, New Fund Offer (NFO) and Suggested Funds sections.
    • Search Funds: You can search any fund you want to invest in.
    • NFO: You can invest in New Fund Offers.
    • Suggested Funds: Our list of suggested fund which you invest with a single click.

How Rebalancing work for Mutual Fund Investments?


Once you have create a Mutual Fund portfolio, the Rebalancing Engine of Money Coach will review your portfolio on a daily basis and give recommendation basis changes in the below parameters:

  1. Change in your Risk profile
  2. Sharp movements in market
  3. Change in fund dynamics
  4. Transaction executed in the portfolio

What is a Flexible Investment Plan (FIP) and how does it work?


A Flexible Investment Plan (FIP) allows you to start an investment of a Frequency of your choice i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Yearly; on a date of your choice and for a period of your choice. The investment will get registered as Purchase with the AMC.

Can I execute multiple transactions by authenticating once?


Yes, you can add multiple transactions in the Investment Cart

Can I delete any particular transaction from the Cart?


Yes, you can delete any particular transaction you do not wish to execute, by clicking the delete icon against the fund present on the Investment Cart.

Are the units allotted as per the NAV on the screen?


NAVs are declared by the Mutual Fund House by the end of the day. Hence the NAV displayed on the screen (the previous day's NAV) will have a lag of one day or more. The displayed NAVs are indicative and for the purpose of guidance only. When you transact through the platform, you get the same day's NAV depending upon the cut-off time applicable i.e. if the transaction is before the cut-off time, the same day's NAV is allotted (for all working days).

How will I receive the dividend payouts / redemption amounts?


You will receive it through a direct credit from the AMC into your Registered Savings Account.