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Where do I see Rebalancing Suggestions for My Mutual Fund Investments?

If you already have a portfolio and have a rebalancing suggestion, they you will see a ‘Rebalancing Suggestion’ on the My Mutual Fund Investments dashboard as a floating message. On clicking on this message, you will be taken to ‘Rebalancing Screen’ where you will be shown following types of recommendations if applicable:

  1. Buy
  2. Buy More
  3. Start SIP
  4. Stop SIP
  5. Sell

Rebalancing will be done on real-time basis as soon as user lands on this screen. Advice of Sell will come only after checking Tax-impact & exit loads. Algorithm will always try to match Buy amount with Sell amount (& Start SIP with Stop SIP) and realign the current portfolio to suggested allocation without putting in extra amount. If there is no rebalancing suggestion in your portfolio, then the floating message of Rebalancing Suggestion will not be present in your My Mutual Fund Investments dashboard.