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ODR - PMAY Status & Savings Account Reversal

What is ODR?

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is our endeavour to provide instant resolutions. Click here to navigate.

Where can I find ODR option online?


The services will be available for customers at the following path:

  • Get in touch > Contact us>ODR

  • Get in Touch> Ways to Bank > Other Channels > ODR

Please click here to navigate.

Is ODR service available for all types of customers?


Currently, this is applicable only for Resident customers for <3> query types listed above and excludes NRI, Proprietorship and Trust accounts. Also, Resident customers with international numbers cannot avail of this service.

What services are currently available at ODR?

  1. Savings Account charges reversal

  2. Cheque book or Debit Card status (Deliverables status and re-dispatch)

  3. PMAY Subsidy application status.