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What is ODR?

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is our endeavour to provide instant resolutions. Click here to navigate.

Where can I find ODR option online?


The services will be available for customers at the following path:

  • Get in touch > Contact us>ODR

  • Get in Touch> Ways to Bank > Other Channels > ODR

Please click here to navigate.

Will I get login OTP on e-mail?


OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number and e-mail ID linked to the Primary Account simultaneously and will be valid for <10> minutes.

I am getting an error ‘Session expired’. What do I do?


You would get this page if either the system was idle for more than <10> minutes or if you would have double clicked on any tab or clicked on the back button of the browser. You may re-login and proceed.

I have not received the OTP to login. What do I do?


You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number of your Primary Account which is linked to your Internet Banking. A ‘Resend’ option will be activated in <30> seconds post first attempt of OTP generation.

How do I get a confirmation that charges are reversed?


We will communicate this through an SMS and e-mail. This can also be checked by logging in to Internet Banking.

Do you have ODR option in iMobile?


This service will be available on iMobile soon.

My account is showing restricted. What do I do now?


After every wrong attempt, an error message will be displayed with reason. Post <3> wrong attempts, interface will not generate an OTP anymore and the account will be restricted for access for the next <24> hours and an error message will be displayed accordingly.

I have registered my International mobile number in the Resident Account, will I receive the OTP?


ODR option is not available for resident customers who have an International mobile number.

What are the type of charges that can be reversed through ODR?


Currently, only MAB charges and SMS charges can be reversed.

I am unable to see any status on the subsidy status. Am I not eligible?


We request you to contact our Customer Care on <18002660199> and select Option 3 for PMAY and speak to our Customer Care Executives for details.

What is the process to get resolutions through ODR for PMAY status?


Below is the process to get resolutions through ODR:


  1. Visit our Internet Banking

  2. Visit the ODR section and select PMAY status option

  3. Enter your loan details and you will find your PMAY subsidy status

The MAB updated for my account is incorrect


If you find that the MAB mentioned on the ODR is incorrect, we request you to visit the branch or contact Customer Care to check if your account type has been regraded and what is your correct MAB.

The status shows that the subsidy has been received, however, I cannot see the credit in my loan account.


This means that the Bank has received the subsidy for your loan account from NHB. However, the same has not been adjusted in your loan account. If the subsidy gets adjusted, then the status you will see is ‘Subsidy Adjusted in Loan Account’.

What is the process to get resolutions through ODR for Savings account Reversal?


Below is the process that needs to be followed for ODR:


  1. Visit our Internet Banking page

  2. Authenticate yourself through Primary Savings Account number and registered mobile number and generate an OTP

  3. Select the respective option based on your query type and continue

  4. You will find real-time display of decision or information.

What details are required to login to ODR for Savings account Reversal?


You will need your registered mobile number and <12>-digit Savings Account number for Savings Account charges reversal and Deliverables status or the <16>-digit Loan Account number for PMAY subsidy status tracking.

Is ODR service available for all types of customers?


Currently, this is applicable only for Resident customers for <3> query types listed above and excludes NRI, Proprietorship and Trust accounts. Also, Resident customers with international numbers cannot avail of this service.

What details are required to log in to ODR for PMAY status?


You will need your <16>-digit Loan Account number for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) subsidy status tracking.

What services are currently available at ODR?

  1. Savings Account charges reversal

  2. Cheque book or Debit Card status (Deliverables status and re-dispatch)

  3. PMAY Subsidy application status.

Do I have an option to deny the reversal decision?


For any reversal decision, you have an option to select ‘Not now, will try later’.

Is there any condition basis which you offer reversal?


Post you agree for reversal, a T&C page will be displayed confirming that this is a service gesture reversal and you will maintain specific MAB for the account. ICICI Bank reserves the right to modify/change all or any of the Terms as per its discretion without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.

The system is not allowing me to select the charge from the list.


If charges levied are already reversed, then details will be displayed along with the date of reversal. Since the charge is already reversed, the selection option will not be available.

What if I am not happy with the Bank’s decision on reversals?


Basis the internal check, we will arrive at a decision of reversal and the same will be displayed on the screen. We will wait for your confirmation and post confirmation, reversal will be carried out in your account. If you are not happy with the decision, you may contact any other mode, like branch or Customer Care.

The reversal option is for how many months old data


You will be able to see the charges levied for last <3> months only.

Can I ask for single or multiple reversals?


Yes, you can ask for single or multiple reversals from the list displayed on the reversal page and the decision will be basis the Bank’s discretion.

I am unable to view my entire list of accounts.


Only active Resident accounts will be visible once you login. The list will exclude NRI, Proprietorship Trust any such account from the list.

It’s been a long time that the status shows submitted to NHB. Can you share the exact timelines?


As per this status, the Bank has submitted your application to NHB for processing of subsidy, post compliance of norms applicable for scheme. It would be difficult to share the exact timelines as to when the subsidy will be credited to the customer’s loan account. As per process, post Bank’s submission of claim, NHB evaluates the case and credits the subsidy to the Bank. The Bank in turn credits the claim amount in the customer’s loan account, post receipt of subsidy.

What does the rejection reason Ineligible - Women Borrower mean?


As per the PMAY guidelines, a woman’s ownership in the property is mandatory, and if this is not met, the subsidy is rejected with the above reason.

I am a joint applicant in this loan. Can I check the status?


This facility is available only for the main applicant of the loan.

My PMAY status states that the subsidy has been rejected by National Housing Bank (NHB) what do I do?


We request you please call on <18002660199> and select Option 3 for PMAY and speak to our Customer Care Executives.