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How do I stop the cheque?
We request you to follow the below steps to stop the cheque.
Internet banking:
Please login to your Internet Banking Account > Customer Service > Service Requests > Category - Bank Accounts > Stop Cheque / Stop Multiple Cheques > Enter the required details and submit the request.
Click here to stop cheque
The payment of cheque(s) will be stopped immediately, if they have not been encashed.
Login to iMobile >> Select Services icon >> Select Cheque Option >> Select Stop Cheque .
To stop a cheque, you need to SMS: ISCR(space)Cheque No(space)Last 6 digits of Account Number to 9215676766 from your registered mobile number
Customer Care:
You may call our Customer Care from your registered mobile number. To know the local Customer Care numbers, we request you to click here
Call our Customer Care > Select the language option > Select option '1' for the banking menu > Enter your 16-digit ATM/Debit card number and Debit Card PIN > Select option '1' for cheque book-related queries > Select option '3' for 'Stop cheque' request > Enter the 6-digit cheque number and the cheque will be stopped for payment immediately.
ICICI Bank branch:
Visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch along with original photo ID proof. To locate the nearest ICICI Bank Branch, visit maps.icicibank.com/mobile