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How do I transfer funds to my Visa Credit Card account?
We would like to inform you that, 'Pay Any Visa Credit Card' is a service that allows you to transfer funds to any Visa credit card in India from your ICICI Bank account. The maximum amount of transaction limit is Rs. 1,00,000.00.
Log into www.icicibank.com with your user id and password >>Payments& Transfer >> Manager biller>>Visa Credit Card of other financial institutions >> Register now >> enter the required details and submit. Once the biller is added you can do the visa credit card payment. 
Note: 'Pay any Visa Credit Card' service is Non chargeable.
The service allows you to either transfer funds immediately (Within 48-72 hours) or you can schedule a transfer for a future date. If you schedule the payment for a future date, it will be processed only on the date mentioned by you (Subject to availability of funds in your account).