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My account is getting debited with SMS charges. I want to know what are these charges for?

The mobile alerts (SMS) charges are ₹15 per quarter (inclusive of taxes) (w.e.f. <Month DD, YYYY>) which will be debited in the first month of the quarter.

SMS will be chargeable for the below alerts:

Credit and debit transaction for ₹5,000 and above through any channel
EOD balance alert
Balance above or below the threshold limit

SMS will not be chargeable for:
(After de-registration of mobile number, you will continue to get the following type of SMS's which are mandatory from regulatory purpose)

All transactions done using Debit Card ATM/POS
Internet Banking alerts like OTP/URN/Passcode etc. which are bank induced
Cheque return intimation alerts (Inward/Outward)
Salary credit alerts
Account opening intimation
SR/CR creation / closure alerts

You can also view this information on our website under 'Service Charges & Fee' section available at the bottom of the page.