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What is the password to open my e-statement?

We send you statements in password protected PDF format for security reasons.

You require an 8-character password to view your e-mail account statement.

The first four letters of your password are the first 4 letters of the title of your account, followed by your date and month of birth OR date and month of incorporation in case of Current Account (in DDMM format). The password is case-sensitive (lowercase). Please do not include any special characters, spaces or salutations (if any). In case of joint account, the details of the first account holder need to be entered in the above mentioned format. For example, if your account is in the name of Sujit Sawant and date & month of birth is 05th Jan then your password will be suji0501. If title of account (Current Account) is ABC Enterprises and date of incorporation is 05th Jan then your password will be abce0501.
Please enter 12-digit account number as password whose last 2 digits would be mentioned in the subject line of the e-mail sent to you.