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Is the account nomination mandatory?

Nomination is the facility ICICI Bank has made available for Current Accounts opened in the names of individuals and proprietorship firms to name an individual to receive the proceeds of the account after his/her demise. Features of nomination:

  • An account can have only one individual as nominee.
  • It can be made in favour of a minor also subject to other major individual (guardian) being named appointee(s) during the minority period.
  • Addition/modification/deletion of nomination can be made as many times as desired, post account opening.
  • A nominee can be added later as well by simply filling up a form and submitting it at any of our branches.
  • In case of demise of the account holder, the bank shall hand over the proceeds from his/her account to the nominee with minimal documentation.

In case you do not want to do the same, you can click on agreeing to declaration that you do not want to do account nomination.