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What is RCA Billing Report?

Roaming Current Account Billing Report: Whenever there are more than Rs. 50.00 charges debited from your account, the report with details of charges is sent to you. The report is sent 3 days prior to the charges debited and there is a monthly fee of Rs. 25.00.

You can also login using your Corporate ID, User ID and password and view this report. Select the option 'Accounts' on the main menu and select 'Billing Charges'.

Details received through report: You get all transactional related charges, SMS service charges, cheque return charges, outstation cheque collection charges and cash deposited charges, charges for non-maintenance of balance and other charges that are chargeable as per the variant of your account.

To deactivate the service:

  1. Branch: You may submit a request letter on the company's letterhead signed by authorized signatories at your ICICI Bank branch.
  2. Corporate Care: Call our 24-hour Corporate Care by dialing your Debit Card/Pin, wherein our Customer Service Executive will assist you

    To know the Corporate Care number, please click on the below link
    24 hr Customer Care
  3. E-mail – You can also write to us at corporatecare@icicibank.com