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Video KYC

I didn't complete my Video KYC during account opening, can I do it now?

Yes, you can complete your KYC instantly using Video KYC. Please click here

What are the Video KYC timings?


You can finish the Video KYC at any time from 09:15 a.m. to 06:15 p.m. (Monday to Friday, except on banking holidays).

What are the prerequisites for a Video KYC?


Prerequisites for a Video KYC are:

  • Original physical PAN card to be handy
  • Blank white paper with black/blue pen
  • Ample light and clear background
  • Stable internet connectivity
  • Enabled camera, microphone and location settings

I do not have my PAN, can I still complete my Video KYC?

No, Video KYC cannot be completed without original PAN.

I do not have a camera or microphone configured in my laptop/desktop/mobile device, can I still finish the Video KYC?


No, camera and microphone have to be enabled in laptop/desktop/mobile device to complete the Video KYC.

Upon successful completion of Video KYC, how much time will it take for successful update?


Your account will be verified and updated within 2 hours. Post which, your transaction limits will be removed.

Can I initiate Video KYC using any browser?


Browsers that support Video KYC are:

  •  Android – Google Chrome
  •  iOS – Safari
  • Windows OS (laptop/desktop) – Google Chrome/Firefox

My Video KYC was not successful, what will happen now?


If your Video KYC is not completed/successful, our officer will get in touch with you shortly to complete your physical biometric verification and remove the transaction restrictions on your account.

What are the benefits of completing Video KYC?


Benefits of completing Video KYC are:

  • Instant and paperless completion of KYC
  • No need to visit or meet our branch official
  • Remove the transaction restrictions on your account