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Mutual Fund Transaction Platform

What is Mutual Fund Online?


Mutual Fund Online is a service offered to All Resident Indians having an ICICI Bank Savings Account that will enable them to invest through Mutual Funds online.

What Is Repurchase/Redemption Price?


When an investor sells a mutual fund unit back to the fund house, it is called repurchase or redemption and is based on the Net Asset Value of that fund.

What is the cut-off time for transactions?

  • For Liquid Funds the cut-off time for same-day NAV is 12:30 p.m
  • For Non-Liquid Funds the cut-off time for same-day NAV is 2.00 p.m
  • All instructions received on a transaction day (except on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) before the cut-off time will be eligible for the same day's NAV
  • Transactions received after the cut-off time, will be reported to the RTA on the next business day and will in turn get the NAV as on the next business day

How can I change my Risk Profile?


If your Risk Profile was last updated over 3 months ago, you can change it online by clicking the Update Profile link available on the platform. If your Risk Profile was last updated less than 3 months ago, you will have to contact your Relationship Manager or nearest ICICI Bank to change your Risk Profile.

How can I update my Risk Profile?


If your Risk profile is not updated, on clicking the Buy / Sell Mutual Fund link you will be directed to the questionnaire. Answer all the questions present in the questionnaire and submit it to save your answers.

How can I register for Mutual Fund Transaction facility?

  • After filling the Invest@ease Registration Form (duly signed by all the account holders), submit the Form along with the below mentioned documents at any ICICI Bank branch
  • Documents required
    - A self-attested copy of your PAN card
    - KYC acknowledgement slip or KYC Status Screen
    - All Account holders should compulsorily be Mutual Fund KYC compliant, else the request will be Rejected

What is the commission that ICICI Bank earns when I purchase funds and where I can view Mutual Fund information?


ICICI Bank earns commission for the sale of funds and this information is displayed in the ‘Commissions’ link on the Order Confirmation page, before you authorise any transaction.

If I have multiple Savings accounts linked in Internet Banking, but only one is registered for Invest@ease, can I debit any of my linked accounts for a transaction?

  • Yes, if you have multiple Savings accounts linked in your Internet Banking login, you can select any account to debit funds towards your investments, inspite of having only one account registered for Invest@ease
  • However, investments will be linked only to the registered account and any redemption / dividend proceeds received will be credited back to the registered account only
  • The holding pattern of the investments will be as per the pattern selected at the time of registration and not as per the holding pattern of the Savings account that was debited for a transaction

Will I be able to transact in the funds held externally through Mutual Fund platform?

  • No, you can only view your external portfolio on this platform
  • To be able to transact you will need to submit a ‘transfer in’ to the relevant AMC. You will be able to transact, once the funds are transferred to ICICI Bank ARN

Can I edit/delete the values entered for my funds held externally?


Yes, using the Edit/Delete option on the Consolidated Holdings page you can edit any value/Delete any external fund details added to the platform.

How can I add my funds, held outside ICICI Bank ARN, on the platform?


You can now update your portfolio held with other banks / brokers on this platform through the Add External Portfolio feature, to get a Consolidated View of your Portfolio. You need to enter the requisite fund and transaction details to save the portfolio.

How can I redeem Mutual Funds through the platform?

  • You can redeem a fund by selecting it on the ‘My Portfolio’ page or on the ‘Redeem/Switch/STP/SWP’ tab on the Search page and adding it to Cart
  • Enter all or Partial amount / units of the selected scheme and execute the transactions present on the Cart
  • The transaction will be processed within 2-4 days as per the scheme TAT and the redemption proceedings will be credited directly into your Registered Savings Bank Account

How will I receive the dividend payouts / redemption amounts?


You will receive it through a direct credit from the AMC into your Registered Savings Account.

How can I change my address, registered bank account or nominee details in investment account ?

  • For any changes to your Investment Account information like address, bank account etc., you need to contact the nearest ICICI Bank branch and provide a written request to get the changes done
  • For investment accounts in joint pattern any change in nominee details for your Mutual Fund investments, can be done by contacting the respective AMCs directly or you can get in touch with your Relationship Manager
  • For investment accounts in single pattern, nominee details can be changed at the time of Investment, by entering the relevant details on the cart

What portfolio reports can I view /download on Mutual Fund platform?


Currently you can access the below portfolio reports

  • Transaction Report
  • Order Status Report

To view / download the report, you can enter the date range for the period you wish to see portfolio details and click Submit.

The report will be generated and appear as a link on the same page within 2 – 24 hours.

Can I compare the performance of my funds held externally and with ICICI Bank?

  • Yes, a Broker wise portfolio performance comparison, (for funds added to the platform), can be viewed on the Broker wise Performance page
  • This page will show portfolio performance for various brokers at an asset class level

How can I move my funds held externally to ICICI Bank ARN?

  • To transfer funds held externally to ICICI Bank ARN, you can download the ‘Transfer In’ form by clicking the Transfer option on the Consolidated Holdings page against the required fund
  • Submit the filled in form at the nearest AMC office or reach out to your Relationship Manager

Can I have multiple nominees for my funds?


Yes, you can enter up to 3 nominees for your funds present on the Investment Cart.

Can I delete any particular transaction from the Cart?


Yes, you can delete any particular transaction you do not wish to execute, by clicking the (x) delete icon against the fund present on the Investment Cart.

Can I modify the values entered for a transaction on the Investment Cart?


Yes, any values entered for transactions present on the Investment Cart can be edited or modified before you confirm the order.

Can I execute multiple transactions by authenticating once?


Yes, you can add multiple transactions in the Investment Cart and execute all the transactions by authenticating your grid card once.

What is a Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) and how does it work?


A Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) allows you to transfer a fixed amount/ no. of units into another scheme of the same fund house, as per STP dates defined by the AMC. The units transferred, will reflect in your portfolio in T 3 days from the date of transfer.

What is a Flexible Investment Plan (FIP) and how does it work?


A Flexible Investment Plan (FIP) allows you to start an investment of a Frequency of your choice i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Yearly; on a date of your choice and for a period of your choice. The investment will get registered as Purchase with the AMC.

Can I purchase a fund without taking the risk profile questionnaire?


No. The Risk Profile questionnaire is mandatory for purchasing any fund through this platform.

What types of transactions can I do through Mutual Fund platform?

  • Purchase
  • SIP
  • FIP
  • Redeem
  • Switch
  • STP
  • SWP
  • Stop SIP
  • Stop FIP
  • Stop STP
  • Stop SWP

Where can I view the Key Information Memorandum (KIM)/ Scheme Additional Information (SAI) of a fund?

  • Links to the Key Information Memorandum (KIM) and Scheme Additional Information (SAI) are visible on the Order Confirmation page, before you authorise any transaction
  • These links will direct you to the Amfi website where these documents are available for all fund houses

If I can see multiple investment accounts on the first page of the platform, how can I identify the holding pattern of the investment account?

  • If you see multiple investment accounts on the first page of the platform, you can identify the holding pattern by the way in which the names of the accounts are displayed on the screen
  • For a joint investment pattern account, the name of the first holder will appear under the Client Name column and the names of the second / third holders will appear under the joint holder’s column
  • For a single investment pattern account, the name of the account will appear only under the Client Name column and the Joint holder’s column will be blank
  • You can select the relevant investment account based on the pattern in which you wish to invest

Can I download / print my portfolio report?


Yes, you can download / print your entire portfolio through the ‘Export to Pdf option’ / ‘Print’ option available on the My Portfolio page.

Can I see additional information about a fund like historical returns, investment objective, position on risk-return matrix etc?

  • Yes, you can now view additional information about a fund by clicking the fund card next to each fund
  • It gives you a brief about the Investment Objective, Fund Profile and Fund Manager
  • It also shows the positioning of fund in the Risk Return matrix and Performance of fund vis-a-vis Benchmark vis-a-vis the Category Average

Can I have a Single View of both my ICICI Portfolio and External Portfolio?


Yes, you can view your entire portfolio held with ICICI Bank and externally, broker wise, on the Consolidated Holdings page.