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instant two wheeler loan

What is Instant Two wheeler Loan?


Instant Two Wheeler Loan is an instant sanction for our customers with pre-approved Two Wheeler Loan offers. You can generate your Two Wheeler Loan sanction letter online in just a few clicks. Steps for Instant Two Wheeler Loan:

  • View offer and select your Two Wheeler Loan offer
  • Select Manufacturer & Dealership 
  • Download your sanction letter

The sanction letter will be valid for a period of months from the date of generation of the sanction letter.

What is the maximum loan amount I can avail of?


The maximum loan amount is based on your credit profile and your existing obligations. The loan amount will be displayed when you log in to Internet Banking to avail of the offer. The maximum loan which can be availed of under the pre-approved Two Wheeler Loanis Rs 3,00,000.

Which type of customers will have pre-approved Two wheeler Loan offers?


Pre-approved Two Wheeler Loan offers are generated for customers having an Account with ICICI Bank and the loan amount is based on the profile of the customer.


What is the validity of a sanction letter issued at the time of instant Two wheeler Loan sanction?


The sanction letter is valid for a period of 10 days, during which you can avail of the disbursement.