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Apply for a Credit Card


ICICI Bank Credit Cards offers a host of benefits, offers & features to cater to your needs. So get the Credit Card of your choice by browsing through the Credit Card section.

Click here to apply for a ICICI Bank Credit Card.

Know more about ICICI Bank Credit Card.

How do I open a new Savings Account?


Thank you for your interest in opening a Savings Account with ICICI Bank. Click here to open new Savings Account

Car Loan


Please click any of the links below or type your query if you don’t see the right option.

How to open Fixed Deposit?

We request you to follow the below channels to open the Fixed Deposit in your account.

Internet Banking:

Click here to navigate.

Please login to Internet Banking > Customer Service > Service Request > Category - Deposits > Open Standard Fixed Deposit.
The fixed deposit will be opened instantly you will be able to view the FD details through the online within one working day.

Login to ICICI Bank iMobile app > Click on Account & Deposits icon > Click on Deposits > Click on Open FD & submit.

What is digital gold?


We regret to inform you that currently this facility has been temporarily disabled. Please visit www.safegold.com for any further transactions.

How do I approach ICICI Bank for a Car Loan?


How can I approach ICICI Bank for Personal Loans?


You can Place the request for New Personal Loan through the following Channels:

Online process without login: 
Log in to www.icicibank.com --> Main Page --> Click on Products -->Loans--> Select Personal loan--> Request a call
Internet banking:
Log in to www.icicibank.com with your user ID and password--> Main Page --> Select Loans options in My Accounts --> Click on Apply for Loans --> Under Personal loan option - Click on Apply now --> Check the Eligibility and Click on Apply Now
Log in to www.icicibank.com --> Main Page--> You can see the Pre qualified offers for Personal loan --> click on Instant approval
Customer Care:
You may also call our Customer Care on 1860 120 7777 between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
To know the Customer Care numbers, we request you to click here.
ICICI Bank branch :
Please visit the nearest ICICI Bank Loan servicing branch along with your valid ID proof, Address Proof, 3 Months bank statement in which his salary is credited, Latest 3 months Salary slips and Form -16 for the current / previous financial year.
We request you to look for the nearest ICICI Bank Loan Servicing Branch in our website: www.icicibank.com >> Find ATM/Branch.

How can I apply for a Personal Loan?


You can make a request for Personal Loan through the following modes:


Internet Banking:
Click here to apply for a Personal Loan.

Customer Care:
You may call our Customer Care on 18601207777 between 08:00 a.m. and 08:00 p.m. To know the Customer Care numbers, please click here .

ICICI Bank branch:
Please visit the nearest ICICI Bank Asset Servicing Branch along with your valid ID proof, address proof, 3 months bank statement in which your salary is credited, last 3 months' salary slips and Form -16 for the current/ previous financial year. To locate the nearest ICICI Bank Asset Servicing Branch, visit maps.icicibank.com/mobile .


What is ICICI Bank iWish?


iWish is a flexible Recurring Deposit to plan for your dream goals. It offers convenience of contributing any amount, anytime with benefit of earning attractive returns.
So save for your wish and save as you wish!
Click here to Know more
Click here to Open iWish

How can I get the PayLater facility?

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PayLater by ICICI Bank is available for a set of customers on an invite-only basis. The customers for whom the facility is available will receive the invite pop-up when they log in to the Pockets Wallet, iMobile or Internet Banking.


Where can we use PayLater?

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Each PayLater Account has a dedicated UPI ID, which can be used for making payments through the UPI mode.


PayLater is available as a payment option at ICICI Bank payment gateway for initiating online purchases, in addition to the standard options like Credit Card, Debit Card and Pockets Wallet. For making a payment, simply choose your PayLater Account in the checkout page.


What is PayLater?

{"title":"","options":[{"title":"Know More","kind":"url","type":"quick","events":[],"content":"https://www.icicibank.com/Personal-Banking/paylater.page?ITM=ipal_Paylater"}],"content":"PayLater is a digital credit product, similar to a Credit Card. With it, you can make your purchases today and make payments within 45 days of the transaction date with no interest being charged.","isCTA":true}

How can I apply for a home loan?


Applying for ICICI Bank Home Loan, Balance Transfer of your existing home loan, Personal Loan Linked to Home Loan (Top up), Loan Against Property, and other loan requirements is easy.

Existing Customers
If you are already an ICICI Bank customer, we recommend you to check whether you already have an approved loan offer.

Customers availing an approved loan, need to provide fewer documents for their loan processing.


New Customers
If you are new to ICICI Bank, please apply here for instant e-approval of your loan and experience enhanced service.

Apply now   Check Eligibility

What are the benefits provided by ICICI Bank credit card?

ICICI Bank Credit Cards are loaded with a host of benefits, offers & features.
Some of them are listed below:
Life style benefits – Discounts on shopping, dining & movies, complimentary round of golf every month, etc.
Travel benefits – Complimentary airport lounge access, fuel surcharge waiver, fuel discounts
Other benefits – Cash rewards, PAYBACK offers, 24x7 concierge service & many more
There are lots of regular offers that are available on ICICI Bank debit and credit cards. Click Here To check all offers




Benefits of paylater?

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PayLater provides an interest free credit up to 45 days, which helps you manage your routine expenses without using your Savings Account balance. Hence, it helps you maintain a higher balance and earn more interest.


It provides the convenience of easy checkouts. It helps you protect your Savings Accounts and Credit Card details as you don’t have to input them for making small ticket purchases.


You get crisp Savings Account monthly statements as you divert your smaller spends to PayLater.


What makes iWish flexible?


The goals under iWish are flexible Recurring Deposits with the added benefit of contributing any amount, at any point of time.

You can choose to deposit money at your convenience and you can also choose not to deposit any money in a month. There are no penalties or charges if you could not deposit money into a goal every month. If you have more spare money to save, you can deposit funds multiple times in a month into your account.


How do I buy Life Insurance?


To apply for Life Insurance online, please click here

To know more about Life Insurance, please click here.

What is Issuance of Credit Card InAFlash?


ICICI Bank Credit Card InAFlash is a fully digital and paperless credit card application process through which credit card details are displayed instantly online. Basis these details customer can do an online credit card transaction immediately.

What is Insta PL through ATM?


Insta PL through ATM is an instant disbursal facility provided to pre-approved Personal Loan customers. Customers availing this facility will be able to get instant disbursal of loan amount in their account through ATM.

When can I apply for Credit Card InAFlash?


All the eligible applicants can apply for InAFlash Credit Card online round-the-clock any day of the week.

Why do I need Travel Insurance?


Unfortunate events such as baggage loss, passport loss, a medical emergency or an accident can affect your travels, whether for business or leisure. International Travel Insurance protects you from such perils by ensuring that you are not left stranded in any kind of emergency.

How do I create a goal in iWish?


Please login to your Internet Banking account www.icicibank.com. Click on “iWish” on the top right hand corner.

  • After the iWish page opens, click on “Start Now” from the Goals page.
  • At the time of creating the goal you will be required to enter information relating to the goal (Name, Category, Amount and Tenure) and the Initial Deposit Amount.
  • You may choose to set up a standing instruction and earn 10 reward points for every standing instruction executed successfully towards your iWish goal.
  • You can also choose to share your goal on Facebook.
  • After clicking on "Create Goal" your goal will be created instantaneously. You can transfer funds to your goal as soon as your goal is created. However, the goal balance will be displayed within 4 hours from creation of the goal.
  • Please note the goal will not be created in case
  1. There are insufficient funds in your account,
  2. Your funding account is in a frozen state,
  3. Your funding account is dormant or inactive or
  4. If you are an NRI or a corporate customer.

If case of technical not-errors, your goal will get activated within 2 working days.


Who is eligible to use iWish?


iWish is available only to existing Savings Account holders of ICICI Bank. iWish can only be operated through your Internet Banking account.

However, please note that iWish is not available for Non Resident Indians (NRIs).

In case you do not have an ICICI Bank Savings Account you can apply online at HERE

In case you do not have your Internet Banking User ID and password, you can get them instantly at this link